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Livermore-Contra - Notable Wineries By District And Region

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(Note: Information Originally Published In 1955 - Presented For Historical Perspective!)


Paul Rhodes Winery, Hayward Paul Rhodes is a fifth-generation wine maker with vineyard and wine-making experience along the Rhine and Moselle rivers in Germany, in the Sauternes and Burgundy regions of France, in Brazil and Argentina in South America, on the Niagara Peninsula in the province of Ontario, Canada, as well as in the United States. He is convinced that if the 2000 years of European know-how in wine making are used, even better wines can be produced in California because of the excellence of the grapes grown, notably in the coastal counties. He joins many in wishing that the average American family will take fine dry wines into their everyday living to add to their mealtime enjoyment.

In this country Paul Rhodes was connected with the Monarch Wine Company in New York and Atlanta, Georgia, and was superintendent of Cresta Blanca in Livermore under L. B. Johnson's ownership before he founded his own winery at Hayward in western Alameda County.

There are no vineyards around Hayward and the Paul Rhodes wines are either produced from grapes grown in nearby areas or are selected, blended, and bottled at the winery. Paul Rhodes, with his years of wine-making experience, is also a gifted vintner who blends and ages wines to a high standard of quality.

Table wines are the specialty, but a full line of aperitif and dessert wines, including vermouths, are also marketed, all under the Paul Rhodes brand. An important part of the enterprise is the retail outlet at Hayward.

Table wines, aged mostly in white-oak cooperage, include: RED: Cabernet, Burgundy, and Claret; WHITE: Semillon, Sauternes, Moselle, and Chablis.