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Libra - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Libra and Ideals

All people should have objectives, a set of ideals by which to guide their hearts and minds. Librans are no exception to this; and, in order to find the right objective early in life, a competent teacher is often necessary. A good instructor aids in the sowing of the seed of the ideal within the pupil's mind, which seedling grows into an all-consuming passion as the years pass. We know that Venus-ruled people are attracted to objects of beauty and grace. We find them surrounding themselves with pictures expressing beauty in form and face, perhaps sacred pictures, for Librans are our natural idealists.

As the Libran's mind develops, this object of love becomes more mental and spiritual in character. Like the poet, he feels that Truth is Beauty, and that the quest for Truth adds enthusiasm and color to life. This quest does not withhold its rewards and blessings until a future time, but every step toward the attainment of the ideal is joyous, yielding its treasures along the way.

The establishment of an ideal stimulates Librans to continue the search for its attainment regardless of difficulties and temporary disappointments. They retain their cheerful and enthusiastic spirits even during those ups and downs which we all experience, and which tend to strengthen character. The path of the ideal permits comparison between itself and others that are less desirable, and automatically the idealist is led in the higher way. It is then that the Libran realizes the great value of a set of ideals to carry him over life's difficulties.

It is also true that ideals within the heart of but one person often influence great groups of people. There is power here. Instinctively, humanity senses the presence of an archetype. Thus, Librans who espouse higher ideals find that they have transformed themselves, gradually, but surely, and brought themselves to a better order of life.