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Libra - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Libra and Self-Renewal

When a Libra soars above the limitations of the narrow, personal self, he is on the road to the discovery of a greater self within him which, when he acknowledges it and solicits its aid, greatly enhances the meaning of his life. Apparently all people are capable of meeting either negatively or positively all situations which daily life presents. A Libra is quite capable of developing a higher self with its exalted emotions and unselfish ideals. Perhaps, at some unexpected moment, he realizes that it is possible to turn the wheel of life and steer up from the lower to the higher level.

The mental quality of this sign makes this right-about-face easier than we would believe; and the very minute Librans glimpse that such a renewal of themselves is possible, they have the power to effect the transformation. With their keen understanding, and their ability to express beauty, Librans should be eager to change. They can carry out determination to improve their mental attitudes, becoming more considerate, friendly, interested, and helpful. They can alter their thought processes in order to see the world in a better light. They do not stress or dwell upon the weaknesses and failings of others. They learn to look at the causes for such limitations, knowing that selfish, mean attitudes are many times brought about by the early training of these people which they had no control over, and which, in their ignorance they permitted to develop.

Thus, Librans learn not to condemn others or themselves for any failures, but endeavor to see and encourage only the good. By definitely determining to see themselves and others in a spirit of love, it is possible to adopt a more cheerful, enthusiastic attitude, which represents nothing other than that greater Self beginning its rulership. Librans become even more likable and they, in turn, appreciate others more. Through this spirit of love, a transformation takes place which not only influences social life but actually physical wellbeing. Through love, Libra wins the eighth labor of Hercules, and prepares to set foot upon a new and higher path.