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Libra - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Libra and the Problems of Health and Service

Libra gives us a unique combination of astrological element and ruling planet. We find very interesting types born under this sign whose element, air, which is regarded as masculine in quality, works in harmony with their lucky star, Venus, whose characteristics are decidedly feminine. This combination gives us versatility and charm. Librans possess the talents of airy signs, together with many assets of their muse, the charming Venus. Vocations congenial to these people include such mental occupations as law, social service and welfare work. People born under the sign of the scales make excellent judges and diplomats. Even if they do not earn their livings as lawyers or judges, the lives of Libra people give them opportunity to express these abilities by placing them in situations which require good judgment and powers of decision. They possess, by nature, a keen sense of justice.

Venus, acting through these types, produces the beautician, interior decorator, landscape architect, and jeweler. These people, like Arians, their polar opposites, make excellent designers. Librans should have no trouble securing and holding remunerative positions inasmuch as their associates are quick to sense their mental capabilities and artistic gifts.

When Librans maintain their equilibrium and exercise their self-control, their bodies reflect harmony and health is assured. This sign astrologically is associated with the kidneys and loins, which sections of the body should reflect not the weakness but the strength of the sign. The natural beauty of Libra is, of course, greatly enhanced by his usually healthy body. Thus, the Libran's problems of both health and employment depend upon how he handles and balances opposing qualities within his own nature, so that, when he weighs any situation, he shall not be found wanting in regard to these essentials of life.