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Libra - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Libra and the Problems of Love and Happiness

When Librans live true to their natures, happiness and love find expression in their lives. We do not find them temperamental, for they are ever endeavoring to keep their minds calm and their emotions in a state of quiet harmony. In accord with Venus, their star of love and beauty, Librans meet with love early in life and, as fortune will have it, this love brings them happiness and joy. They are dependent upon congenial companionship for reciprocal relations and mutual understanding.

Librans, however, are not persons to allow the heart full sway without considering the "right" of the mind, or head. Air signs are mental, primarily, and can never be truly happy unless associated with persons who respond to their keen intellect and who join with them in appreciation of the arts. However, we identify love affairs with Libra, inasmuch as these persons draw their own to them, and need love in order to feel complete.

We can believe that it is the quality of some types to induce upheavals in affairs of the heart; especially is this true in the lives of our more temperamental people. However, Librans should find no problems in their heart interests. They appear to attract the blessings of love even though they may experience temporary ups and downs in personal attachments, as in other areas of life. In time they will restore their balance, for this is the very nature of the sign itself. As Librans grow in spiritual grace, they learn to sacrifice personal desires of a limiting nature to higher ideals symbolizing a greater good. They learn that all of us have to consider the welfare of larger groups, even before our own special benefits. This more inclusive love occasionally demands personal sacrifices which incur temporary pain. But the Libran who has insight and understanding knows that this is a part of the great law of Love, and that the perfecting of such love proves ultimately to be a blessing.