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Libra - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Libra and the Home

Beauty, peace, and the home are synonymous to Librans, for they cannot have domestic harmony unless all three are present. Someone has said that we can have peace without love, but we cannot have a helpful and happy home without both peace and love. Librans are essentially peace-bringers, and their presence in the home means the adjustment of problems. These are the types who encourage beauty in the home surroundings through the use of design, color and music. Libra signifies balance, and we discover this sense of proportion in all that they touch. They love flowers; their gardens show symmetry. Decorative pictures adorn their walls, and colorful vases grace their tables. Thus, the Venus influence brings culture and appreciation of beauty into their homes.

Librans are people who are well-informed on all topics. Neither the radio nor literature is neglected in their homes. They are, or should be, sensitive to the feelings of others, also, for such sensitiveness represents this same quality of beauty as expressed emotionally. It aids the Libran in establishing good relationships with those around him, and helps him to get on well with them. They never willingly hurt the feelings of others; but, like all Venus-ruled people, are considerate. Persons of the astrological element air are seldom abrupt. They have a soft, penetrating way about them that attracts us to them. Seventh-sign people know that the one great rule for establishing a happy home is friendliness to others.

Many people, particularly those of earth signs, believe that it is smart to be critical or complaining, and it is not uncommon to find these types in any home. Children need to be trained out of these mistaken ideas, for they can easily form detrimental habits which cause inharmony later in life. Librans have the ability of helping to adjust just such conditions as this. It is through their great powers of conciliation that they create a spirit of love and peace which is so necessary to happiness in every home.