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Libra - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Libra and Human Relationships

People may be classed in twelve major types: Some are what we call "easygoing" persons; others are temperamental and high-strung; some are critical; still others are kind and considerate. This last-mentioned category includes many Librans whose patience and interest in others is seen and appreciated both in the home and in business. These people try to establish serenity in their life-relationships through the exercise of rational appeal rather than argument. They abhor criticism and quarreling. Any group is fortunate to have a Libran in its midst.

We do not mean to suggest that these types have no undesirable qualities, for it is often true that the peace-loving person will avoid the duties which strike him as menial. Librans tend to shrink from disagreeable tasks; thus, the heavier duties fall upon the shoulders of more practical individuals of earth or water signs. Librans frequently have to make some effort so as not to be classed as lazy.

People who are born peacemakers and conciliators know that to enjoy continued good relationships with their fellowman, they must think of the group as a whole, and act from its standpoint. Thus, they repress, or transmute, certain innate feelings which are adverse to friendly group relations. A greater objective than mere personal comfort rules them. After all, it is not work, menial or otherwise, that is disagreeable but our reactions to these chores.

Libra is "on the winning side of the ledger" of the third labor of Hercules when he reverses his thinking process from a limited personal attitude in human relationships to a more universal viewpoint which includes his entire group of associates. There is such a thing as being "group conscious," and upon awakening to this realization does Libra's success depend. Also, there is a very subtle form of beauty and joy in the art of adjusting one's life, likes and dislikes, to the lives of others. This does not mean catering to them, but involves a true heart interest and a desire to assist.