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Libra - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Libra and Finances

These artistic, mental people are drawn to vocations that give expression to their high natures as described in seventhsign sun types. When engaged in creative pursuits which stimulate them intellectually, or which require a sense of order, form, color and harmony, they are outstandingly successful, reaping their rewards in joy of accomplishment, and also in monetary ways.

Libra's ruling planet, Venus, favors harmony and rhythm. We find Librans interested in adornment and the decorative arts. In fact, many fields are open to these talented people; yet their desire is ever to create beauty rather than wealth. As the general public is always ready to reward the true artist, Librans make money without consciously seeking to.

Librans are immensely capable of making other people happy, for they are bright and gay, always looking on the cheerful side, and trying to adjust discordant matters. This has a direct effect upon their finances, and the second labor of Hercules should present no serious difficulty to them. People who are congenial with others and are recognized peacemakers are sought as harmonizing influences in any group, financial or social.

Librans who desire to win outstanding rewards for themselves and for others with whom they are associated, can attain greater fortune by applying the laws of success with which they, as students of astrology, should be familiarthat is, to maintain an accurate view of the Source of all supply, and to learn the art of opening themselves to this Influence, permitting its unlimited energy and substance to flow into them. It is a matter of recognizing that the universe is essentially friendly, and that if we attune ourselves to this Source of All Good, opportunities come to us whereby we achieve greater success than could otherwise have been possible. Such is the "Law of Increase" which every Libran should be aware of and strive to apply.