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Libra - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Libra Achieves the Goal

Librans are never happy without congenial companionship and happy marriage. This is the sign of marriage or partnerships; therefore, Librans' life goals must involve human relationships. Librans are especially congenial with persons of the astrological element air-namely, with Aquarians and Geminis. Also, they are closely connected astrologically with persons born in the fire triplicity, the Arians, Leos, and Sagittarians.

Librans, born in the sign of the balance, should easily achieve poise and self-mastery. Self-mastery indicates that the seventh sign person has achieved success, at least 90% of the way, for the other 10% toward the achievement of this goal of life is easy traveling. The latter part of the race comes without special effort, and constitutes Life's reward to Libra by including him among the successful people.

Librans who select a scientific or artistic career find that they need to perfect their artistic or mental gifts in the seclusion of the home or school, and that after this preparatory work is accomplished, their lives should manifest a high level of success and continued growth. It is through their capacity for seeing the viewpoints of their partners, and endeavoring to work with them, that the path of attainment is less fortuitous for seventh-sign people than for others. Love has a way of smoothing out difficulties. These are not types to blame or discourage others when they express opinions with which they cannot agree, for Librans are always looking for a point of agreement and accord.

These people can never find the prize of complete satisfaction in life unless they bring others with them to this goal. To these types, the power of helping a partner or a member of their immediate family group gives the greatest happiness. Not for self, but for the other fellow, is the goal of Libra's quest. Such an attitude characterizes the mature individual, for it leads to the highest goal of life.