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Libra - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Libra and Friendships

Librans, like everyone else, want to know what attitudes in life aid in bringing about good relationships with other people. It might be best to begin this short discussion on friendships negatively by asking what attitudes prevent the formation of good relationships? Almost any Libran could answer this question himself, for people born under this sign have a great deal of insight into human beings, partnerships and friendships. They know that selfishness and envy interfere with good relationships. Often Librans meet persons who become envious because they, the Librans, are more successful in some life-activity than they, or are perhaps receiving better social treatment. This breeds discontent and creates a problem for the Libran who is quick to sense the inner feelings of people. No sign more than the seventh provides the mental qualifications necessary for the proper handling of these human relationships. Librans know that jealousy causes grief or hostility, and they know how to sow a seed of friendliness into the minds of the envious which dissolves that unpleasant emotion. Essentially envy derives from selfishness. Librans are persons who possess enough of the Venus quality to teach others the art of love and true friendship. They do this through their own kind words and acts. They radiate this love unselfishly toward others and, like a bright ray, this loving thought dissolves the opposing selfish thought.

Librans know the secret of helping and cooperating with others. They know they must do this if they want others to like them and help them. If the person of any sun sign acts positively and without a selfish motive in an effort to help his friends, he is on the way to winning a true friend. To release the mind from self-interest, and to concentrate upon the needs of others, is to solve the problem of the eleventh labor of Hercules and to possess the art of making friends. Librans are good teachers of the art, cooperation and conciliation being qualities of Venus.