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Libra - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Libra and Success

It is great to be enthusiastic about our work, to wish to progress and achieve. Without this God-given enthusiasmwhich, by the way, can be interpreted as en-thusiasm or "inTheos [God]"-such inner drives would disappear. Librans who lack it are too easygoing. Those who are filled with a fiery desire for accomplishment in some chosen field are fortunate. When possessed of this spirit, they forge ahead quickly, often surprising even themselves.

When a desire for accomplishment is united to a desire to help others, we have a combination which is bound to get results. The Libran problem in this regard is to develop an appreciation of the feelings of others, finding out how they will benefit by his success. Remembering that inertia prevents good working habits, they must encourage diligence in themselves in order to develop their talent. Librans who learn to work for the sake of doing a job well, gain the satisfaction which goes with accomplishment and which is akin to the spirit of happiness itself. It is found that when the human mind centers its attention on some work or objective outside itself, it is freer to produce the best grade of work. This is the healthy way to win success. Then, by going at our work with enthusiasm, we learn that there is satisfaction in the performance itself; and that this, after all, is far greater than the fruits of such action.

Librans should do the type of work which is in harmony with their sun sign, for the combination of intelligent choice plus diligence opens the door to attainment. These types are happily employed in mental activities. They are essentially students. Many of them are born teachers. They are artists, sculptors, designers and musicians. They make excellent analytical chemists, character analysts, home managers, hosts or hostesses. Charm is the keynote of this beauty-loving sign, which asset always shines through any vocation they adopt. People like Librans, and are always willing to lend a cooperative hand in behalf of any good work they endeavor to accomplish.