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Libra - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Libra and Self-Knowledge

The seventh sign of the zodiac presents us with a picture of peace and harmony. Linked with the quality of beauty in both form and color, and ruled by the artistic planet Venus, people born under the dominion of this sign reflect all the lovely characteristics of this lucky star. Librans are peaceloving types whose ideal is to express inner beauty through their life-activities and to discover the beautiful in all phases of life. Librans are unhappy when surrounded by ugliness, unless they can spiritually rise above it.

As Librans occupy a central position in the sequence of the signs and are represented by scales or balances, we find them comparing and weighing values, acting as judges in personal matters, and settling controversial questions. Someone has classed the Libra person as a "social solvent" whose very presence in any gathering, even a political meeting, tends to soothe, smooth and adjust difficult situations or controversial questions, bringing harmony into the group.

These types are not fighters, but are essentially peace-makers and conciliators. They excel in debate, but are never argumentative. We feel that intellectual and emotional qualities are balanced in their natures. They are good conversationalists, like Virgos, but are not inclined to criticize or quarrel. As members of a mental sign and akin to the astrological element air, they are not people who relish physical work, but rather enjoy intellectual occupations and the creative arts. Librans are idealists to whom life often brings the beauty and peace they so greatly desire. Their problem is to find some beauty in all circumstances, and to learn to live above outward conditions which may be repugnant to them. Librans can do this by searching for beauty in aspects of nature and people where beauty is not immediately apparent. Let us, then, consider some of the problems which confront natives of this outstanding sign, endeavoring to understand how they can deal with them in the light of simple astrology.