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Leo - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Leo and Self-Renewal

People who live whimsically without direction toward specific ends are bound to get bored. Eventually they rebel against such monotony. Emotional indulgence fails to satisfy them, as would a variety of food. Love and food are but two necessities for the complete human being. Once Leos determine to elevate their living levels, they begin acquiring wisdom through self-study. They become more aware of the workings of their own minds and of the universe. Self-renewal, the eighth labor of Hercules, is by no means easily achieved; but, once achieved, every phase of our lives is improved.

When we learn the patterns governing our subconscious minds, and are willing to accept their terrors and treasures this darkness will be illuminated, and a better course revealed. Leos, bound hand and foot by personal attachments, likes and dislikes, must determine to detach themselves from restrictive habits, associations, and thoughts. Then their minds will naturally discover worthier interests. Their thinking mechanisms will speed up and generate greater variety into their lives.

As the brain is cleansed by new ideas and positive ideas, and as the old wounds inflicted by envy, jealousy, and hate are eradicated, Leo's world brightens, and a natural self-renewal takes place. They become aware of beauty that was always present there but which they had been unable to perceive. They find that they have not ceased to be themselves, but have evolved finer selves, ever in a state of "becoming." Is this renewal not worth striving for? Any Leo, given effort and desire, can achieve it.