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Leo - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Leo and the Problems of Marriage and Partnership

If you want an enthusiastic partner for any enterprise, ineluding marriage, then select a fire-sign to Leo type, for he will demonstrate all that we mean by the words devoted, attentive, and cooperative. These enthusiastic lovers make romantic mates. But, since they often rush into marriage before taking deliberate thought as to the responsibilities of that union, they incur application of the adage, "marry in haste and repent at leisure." Yet these lovable people are attractive to everyone, for "all the world loves a lover." Love should always be the basic reason for marriage and the foundation of all types of partnerships. Capable as they are of love, Leos have what it takes to consummate a happy marriage. If for any reason such a partnership is unhappy, then Leo should assume the task of solving this problem for himself, seeking to discover wherein he is missing the mark demanded of him by his sun sign.

Knowing his characteristic weaknesses, this deficiency may consist in his refusal, willfully or in ignorance, to see the other person's point of view. Leos are extremely "fixed" in their emotional patterns and in their opinions. They are difficult to change, and do not readily cooperate with others whose views oppose their own. They must somehow develop the fine ability to work unselfishly with their associates. Our selfish ideas and wishes are always with us, and egocentricity definitely stifles the spirit of cooperation.

We must nurture regard for others in order to balance our destructive drives. A Leo, or anyone, who is selfish by nature, can, through self-disciplining develop that balancing quality of regard for the feelings of others. We learn to think of other's reactions as we think of our own and treat others as we wish to be treated. The development of this ability of consciously controlling our actions in regard to others enables us to perform the seventh labor and to have a chance for a happy marriage.