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Leo - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Leo and the Problems of Health and Service

It is natural to be healthy. Therefore, when a person falls ill, the laws of Nature must have been violated somewhere. Leos possess great endurance for, like the lion, members of their sign are positive and strong. They have tremendous power, but are inclined to expend energy too freely, causing exhaustion with its attendant ills. Nature teaches us that energy should be conserved. Extremely energetic and impulsive types are often too free in the expenditure of their vital forces, and Leos can easily waste their mental and bodily powers unless they, like Cancerians, practice conservation. Health, then, attends fifth-sign persons who follow natural law.

The natural sunshine of the Leo type is not only healing to themselves but radiates a healing power to others also. Magnetic people are Nature's healers, and we find them entering healing professions such as medicine and nursing.

Healthy Leos find many opportunities to serve in the capacities of leader, political worker, and banker. They enjoy contact with the public. Like Cancerians, Leos feel kinship with all people, and they show this universal love in many ways. Often they are elected presidents of clubs or business organizations as their magnetism makes them effective presiding officers. They are natural orators and actors. They excel in dramatic ability, or any profession which requires that they contact the public directly.

Leos are active types, possessing energies equal to their urges. Their problem is not so much the attainment of success, as it is the ability to handle this success when it arrives. These types are accused of being proud and egotistical; but this accusation should not unduly worry the successful Leo who knows he has developed an understanding of his sun sign. The pride that "goeth before a fall," is associated with undeveloped fifth-sign types, not with the mature individuals of this royal sign.