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Leo - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Leo and the Problems of Love and Happiness

Problems of the heart are always of interest, and no sign is more romantic than that of the fifth. These types are always surrounded by a devoted coterie of friends and followers, for these zodiacal magnets will attract. Like the lucky horseshoe, they often draw both good friends and fortune. This is especially true if the Leo begins the development of wisdom in connection with love, and uses careful selection in regard to his associates. These people are described as possessing great, warm, sympathetic hearts, brimming over with true affection and, in consequence of this love, people are attracted to them.

But too much of a good thing can spoil any mere human. Leos are accused of being possessive, of desiring sole ownership of loved ones. This may cause great unhappiness to the possessed if he does not release himself from the binding quality of Leo's emotion. Our judgment is always influenced by our desires. Therefore, if we want to achieve freedom from undesirable traits of character such as jealousy, hate or envy-which feelings very often spring from personal attachments-we must really work hard to do so. When the intelligence grows and we mature emotionally, we become aware of these childish reactions and stand guard against them. Reason, then, arms Leos against their emotionalism.

When people learn that selfishness and possessiveness always end in heartache and unhappiness, then they set to work to rid themselves of these hindrances. Strong personal attachment is very usual, but when love involves the welfare of others rather than mere selfish possession, it takes on the quality of the divine. Leos find that, when they strive toward unselfishness, Life brings them companionship which encourages them to individual achievement. People of personal integrity are drawn to Leos who return, in kind, affection showered upon them. Thus, Leo's love is never unrequited.