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Leo - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Leo and the Home

We think of the Leo in a home environment as a lion protecting her own. Leo's idea is the preservation of the life within the home rather than the building of the outer structure. Heart-centered as they are, these people are the most devoted of parents. The heart of the lion is exceedingly kind to its own. Fortunate is the child who has a Leo mother or father, for he will be showered with every kindness, and this Leo parent will make any sacrifice for the welfare of his child. Wherever we find Leo in the home environment, we have a heart interest. Sympathy and consideration are shown. It is far more likely that Leo will shower too much kindness rather than too little, and that he will spare the rod and spoil the child.

To make a Leo supremely happy in his home, surround him with the color of yellow, or gold. This tone has a healing effect, and is in keeping with the color of the sun. Gold ornaments, golden lights and sunny dispositions go together. Leos bring an intriguing element into the home. They are enthusiastic, and like to organize the family's latent dramatic talent. They are generally interested in the expression of talent, and such activities stimulate the entire family circle.

Leos are methodical and want their homes run accordingly. They are much happier if meals are served on the dot and the home is kept tidy. The Leo person, like the Virgo, is exceptionally neat. Not only do they love to decorate themselves with ornaments, and to dramatize their good features, they enjoy luxury in their surroundings also.

As to solving the problems of the home, when fifth-sign types learn to retact well to both losing and winning in the nonessentials of daily life, living fully in the present, they beget happiness. To the Leo, as to members of all signs, the home is the finest environment for the development of character.