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Leo - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Leo and Human Relationships

We can picture many happy family groups within which royal Leos are enthroned. Like the sun and its attendant planets, a Leo will assume the center of the stage in any family gathering. Always extroverted, interested in events and people, these attractive individuals command attention, responding in their characteristically enthusiastic manner to applause and admiration. They have their problems in this regard, however; for, to hold the center of the stage of life, a person must learn to be selfless, and this selflessness is not so easy for magnetic types to attain. To be a good leader, a person should be dedicated to a cause, and this cause should include the welfare of himself.If Leo desire to have and hold love, they must radiate an unselfish spirit in their immediate group; otherwise, people will, in time, react unfavorably to them. Pure gold is a symbol of unselfish love, while self-centered love contains an alloy or is simply tinsel.

To solve the problems of human relationships Leos must assume the responsibility which comes with their sign. They are like the sun in that they attract others; but they should also radiate their light and magnetism without thought of personal return. People bask in this radiant sunshine, for Leos are made to reflect happiness. We find that persons of this sign are considered "lucky" in that they attract unusual social and financial opportunities through their personal magnetism. Any enterprise upon which they embark bids for success, inasmuch as people keep an eye on, and instinctively come to the aid of Leo. If these cooperative assistants are Leo's own brothers and sisters, they take the natural family pride in this help.

Leos should gain sufficient maturity to understand life as it is and to comprehend the problems of others. In this way, they become constructive directors of their immediate circles, keeping the daily wheels of events turning favorably for all concerned. The problems of the Leo persons are how to learn to express their kingly selves; how to grow emotionally mature; and how to become willing to sacrifice small personal aims for the good of the immediate group.