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Leo - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Leo and Finances

We associate the sign of Leo with the sun, its ruler, and therefore with the precious metal, gold. Just as Cancer is identified with silver, its complementary metal, gold, is associated with Leo. We have always linked silver and gold with wealth, and also with deeper values. When Leo people express their highest qualities, they come into possession, both figuratively and literally, of true gold. They are associated with kings and queens; are pictured with the jewels of the "royal crown." Life tends to bring this good fortune to the lucky Leo who finds the golden key. Although this mysterious key appears to be hidden for a great many of us, regardless of signs, it is yet possible to tap the wealth of the universe, and to draw from it our physical and spiritual supplies. Leos not only have their share of this gold, but should be capable of instructing others in how to unlock for themselves this storehouse of Nature. Doors open to Leo along the lines congenial with their sign-namely, drama, music, art, direction, management, and investment. As politicians or executives they are successful, inasmuch as the public appreciates the great-heartedness of this type. The Leo handshake is warm and reassuring, making the stranger feel that he is needed and desired in the midst of any gathering, whether it be of friends or of business associates. As a warning, however, these over-enthusiastic types should practice caution in dealing with the stranger, for the trusting, generous, and kind nature of the typical Leo can easily become prey to the untrustworthy.

Leos are impulsive, despising slow, tedious, systematized procedures in business. They do things in a large, inclusive way. They arrive at big goals when others are still tangling themselves in red tape. For this reason, large organizations which need people to do things on a vast scale and to visualize big objectives, letting the chips fall where they may, can do no better than to hire an advanced Leo person. His lavish, gracious, and pleasing personality wins and holds friends in business. Leos not only win gold, but retain and distribute it.