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Leo - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Leo Achieves the Goal

Leo people should cultivate perseverance in any undertaking. Emotion-centered persons are apt to begin a task but drop it as soon as their interest lags, or some new job attracts them. The attainment of any goal-and, for Leos, the goal should be the fullest possible expression of their inner creative selves-requires hard and consistent work. Leos should not permit their emotional impulses to deflect them from their serious aims. If Leos wish to accomplish their purposes, they must bring their wills to bear upon them and hold fast. They should not loiter or be diverted. Emotional types may be tempted to waste a great deal of the time which should be employed in self-development upon trivial, personal affairs.

To feel that life has been, and is being, successfully lived, people must reflect quietly sometimes upon its purpose. Such meditation gives rise to a vision of the future, to a picture of that person as he hopes to become. As the sun shines on a quiet pool of water, so understanding strikes the tranquil mind. Thus, when the goal is envisioned, we can start boldly forth upon our quest. Leo's movements particularly-once he knows where he is traveling-become decisive, prompt and direct. Leos do not give up the ship because of turbulent waters. This never happens to one who sees his way. They learn to compromise with people and receive their help. They are not "quitters" in the face of adversity, and they accept aid in times of stress. They divert themselves of irritability and petulance, knowing that these negative impulses only retard their progress.

Nature means Leos to be outstandingly successful, else why would she have favored them so vastly with beauty, charm, and the capacity for love? When understanding unites with these qualities, we can expect great achievements from these outstandingly gifted children of the sun.