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Leo - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Leo and Success

The love of power has ever been, and still is, deeply rooted in men's hearts. We may believe this urge is, in itself, selfish, and that it creates confusion; but all human urges are essentially good, expressing a part of the self's search for an outlet. Even the urge to possess power is essentially good, although it is often corrupted. The word "power" suggests strength. In Leo's relation to the tenth labor of Hercules, it is the direction of this force that is important. The character of the sign is magnetic and, like the roar of the lion, resonant of power. Symbolically, it is akin to the heart and to love. We think of the sign of Leo as a kingly domain where dwell royal personages. Their hands hold the scepter of power and the ability to rule.

All people have something of the sign of Leo in their natures; that is, we are all born with some power. Many people long for worldly achievement; others for the power of selfcontrol. The very word "control" signifies directed energy. We are rightly told that man can never create power, but that his job in life is to distribute it. Magnetic attractive Leos always have power to influence others. Snags await them in the exercise of this natural force, for those who allow themselves to use their leadership gifts to selfish ends, become themselves entwined in the coils of power and enslaved to its binding force. Leos are born to direct both their personal and group affairs. They excel professionally and socially. Tremendously endowed with strength and inspirational ability, Leos should seek to assist others with these talents. This assures them permanent attainment along lines of their own selection. Their creative abilities are employed in making constructive innovations, for which fame and gratitude are the Leo's just rewards.