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Leo - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Leo and Self-Knowledge

Leo, the sign ruling the heart and emotional nature of mankind, sounds the keynote of love and affection. Fifth-sign people are impulsive and effusive. They adore attention and are dependent upon love for their happiness in life. We can recall typically heart-centered people. They are definitely strong, masterful and fearless. Like the lion, they are kingly types, possessed of a self-assurance and self-confidence which commands our respect. People who are heart-centered are always dramatic. They lead eventful lives. If not drawn onto the professional stage, they create drama in their personal affairs. The great magnetism of members of this fifth sign establishes them as centers of power who draw intense experience to themselves.

Ruled by the sun itself, these types radiate a light and cheer from their own centers of being. They are cheerful, optimistic, and high-spirited. As this is a sign of rulership, we find that Leos do not enjoy subservient positions or the control of others over them. Astrologically, we associate Leo with royalty, power, and display. Every Leo person delights in the outward evidence of inner beauty. They express this delight in their dress, using lavish ornamentation. The sign gives us persons of charm, strength, and elegance. They are generous both with praise and with their worldly goods, spurning thought of saving for a rainy day. All of this is in keeping with their sign, and we enjoy the company of these delightfully different types. However, all good things may be carried to extremes. It is not unusual to find Leos who, through excessive generosity, have given away a great part of their treasures, only to reap the result of this thoughtlessness in remorse. Therefore, for Leo to win the Game of Life, he must develop enough wisdom to counteract his emotionalism. These two greatest of qualities enthroned within the same soul create the very highest type of human being who forever leaves his mark of greatness upon life, making deep and lasting footsteps in the sands of time.