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How To Be Healthy: Clean - Inside and Out

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( Published 1962 )

As my knowledge of what foods to eat or avoid gradually increased, it became clear to me that no program for health, no matter how elaborate, would be adequate unless one adopted some efficient method of keeping the inside of the body just as clean as the outside. I can think of nothing more important to your well-being.

The late Dr. Alexis S. Carrel, renowned biologist and the world's greatest authority on cell hygiene, gave profound study to this subject. In his book Man the Unknown, he demonstrated that vigor and vitality will continue indefinitely as long as thorough hygiene is practiced and appropriate foods are supplied daily. If they receive the essential nutrition they need, and if all poisons are removed from them without delay, tissue cells can be kept alive indefinitely, Dr. Carrel stated.

This subject is not extensively treated in books and articles on diet and nutrition, on the assumption, perhaps, that if one eats a good diet, thorough elimination will most likely follow. Nonetheless, it is my considered opinion that in these times, when even the best foods are loaded with additives and chemicals, some of which may be cancer-causing, a regular flushing out of the internal organs is not only advisable but imperative.

Theoretically, all disease has its origin in an impure bloodstream. Biliousness, bladder and kidney disturbances, infections, bronchitis, colds, influenza, constipation, indigestion, headaches, liver disorders, and rheumatism are some of the more familiar manifestations that warn of an intestinal tract that is congested and overburdened with a mass of irritating and deadly waste products.

These conditions are mainly caused by excessive use of concentrated starch, such as white bread, pastries, and spaghetti; and other refined carbohydrates, such as white sugar. Alcohol, coffee, tea, and carbonated beverages should also be taken in extreme moderation, because all such foodstuffs encourage the accumulation of a vast multitude of disease bacteria in the bowel, which should not he there and which, in turn, produce a lazy bowel, overburdened kidneys, and toxic agitation in the stomach and digestive tract. When normal activities of the stomach and intestines are interfered with, poisons are detained in the body, which can result in a state of autointoxication.

The body has four main channels of elimination-the bowels, the y kidneys, the lungs, and the pores of the skin. Maintaining these outlets active is highly important, simply because any bodily function operates better when it is kept clean. It is just as important for health as eating a balanced diet.

Cleansing the body is not complicated, but it will require, for most people, a change in certain dietary details. A person who eats properly and moderately, who maintains clean, healthy bowels, whose elimination and metabolism indicate smooth functioning of the internal organs, will have gone a long way toward preventing cancer, or colds, or any other disease, for that matter.

Constipation is one of the causes of premature old age. It is a sign of dehydration. The human body is approximately 60 percent water, by weight, and the full-grown body loses about three quarts of water daily. Many middle-aged and older people are dehydrated, which is sometimes indicated by dry, withered skin. Lack of water at the proper time may be responsible for this condition.

Water enters into the formation of every tissue, and is one of our major foods. It is best taken while the stomach is empty. An average person may require six to ten glasses of liquid daily, part of which can be obtained from certain substantial, mineral-rich, unrefined foods, such as apples, cantaloupe, fresh fruits, honeydew melon, vegetable juices, and watermelon, as well as pure water. Restrict liquids at meals, however, because food is digested by gastric juices, not by water.

Along with the foods just mentioned, the B-complex vitamins are urgently needed for healthy functioning of the bowels. These vitamins are necessary for a clean, healthy intestinal tract with a normal production of energy. Similarly, protein is essential to strengthen the intestinal muscles. If these muscles are undernourished, they may become flabby and will be unable to contract and expand as they should.

The chief cause of persistent constipation in our society is the widespread addiction to laxatives.

Millions of us have become laxative addicts. The American people spent 162 million dollars for laxatives last year (1961). Indiscriminate use of laxatives is foolish, sometimes dangerous. They interfere with the proper absorption of foods from the small intestine, and with the reabsorption of critically important sodium and potassium in the large intestine. . . . All laxatives depress production of the B vitamins in the large intestine. Moreover, many widely-used laxatives are powerful irritants. When laxatives push foods through the large intestine too quickly, precious potassium is lost. If the loss is severe, breathing muscles and heart may be hit.

Fortunately, however, in addition to proper diet, there is a very effective cleansing procedure which you can follow very easily yourself. It is nothing more than a natural, internal bath, which is dependable and entirely automatic in its cleansing action. It need not be used very frequently; perhaps four to six times a year will suffice. If you try it, I think you will agree that it is unsurpassed. It is a wonderful cleanser, absolutely harmless, does not cause the slightest distress, and I can personally testify to its effectiveness. Here it is:

Add two level teaspoons of common table salt to a measured quart (32 ounces) of warm water. Water and salt must be exactly measured. Water should be warm, not hot. Drink the solution on an empty stomach a half hour before breakfast. Drink the entire quart, a glassful at a time, within the space of four or five minutes if possible. Lying on your right side for about a quarter of an hour will encourage the solution to pass along the intestinal tract. In about one hour, or less, the entire quart of salt water (together with considerable waste) should be eliminated.

As you acquire the good habit of eating only basically protective foods, nature will eventually correct any abnormal condition and restore the regular, normal action of the intestinal tract.