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How To Be Healthy: Finish Stronger, Live Longer

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( Published 1962 )

In the preceding pages, I have mainly been concerned with the needs of the body, how it should be nurtured and cared for so as to keep it strong and free from disease. Whether or not you have a health problem, I can assure you that you will never regret adopting at least the salient features of the food regimen I have proposed. If you do, you will find, as I did, that your initiative and willingness to make a venture have been well rewarded.

Current studies of longevity provide no ground for the belief that sudden breakdowns in health must be expected at any certain age. A human being matures in about twenty-five years and, with reasonable care, should live to be one hundred years old or even older. Our bodies can retain their vitality even into the second century, without wearing out in any essential part.

Reasonable living and good nutrition are of major importance for health and appearance, and, if practiced diligently, they will pay off in dramatically improved wellbeing. Bear in mind that one cannot disregard the laws of health and then repair the error by taking a couple of pills.

Look for the flaws in your daily meals, then take the simple steps I have outlined for building health and resistance to disease. You must act now to accomplish changes for the better. You should aim for all-round good nutrition, remembering that no one vitamin or mineral can do everything.

If you are still young-that is, between forty and sixty-you should know that your health is in your own hands. You can prolong the middle years, which can be the best years of your life. This is not a vague promise. The connection between food and health is proven, and it merits your serious consideration. Aristotle said that if there is one way that is better than another, it is the way of nature.

If you will put your knowledge of nutrition to work during these intermediate years, you will greatly improve your chances of having a long and healthy old age. Don't forget that, no matter what your age, the body never loses its inherent ability to recuperate-if you give it a chance.

Good health, however, may be practically impossible to attain unless one combines with it an equally sound mind. There is an interdependence of the physical and the spiritual, and health means the precise harmony of both. Not everything in life is under the control of material forces that cannot be resisted. Much worry and anxiety is born of fatigue, and this is generally acknowledged to be the most baneful influence that threatens the mind of man. Recent research into chemical influences on the brain indicates that many unwholesome and disruptive emotions arise out of alterations in body chemistry due to faulty eating habits, low blood sugar, and inadequate sleep. Such physical and psychological ills include anxiety, depression, discouragement, high blood pressure, self-pity, ulcers, and unhappiness: indeed, all of these, which testify to the inevitable power of the mind over the body, embitter and impair the integrity of the human organism. Make sure, then, that you are healthy in body and in soul.

Be confident, therefore-and take heart. At long last, you have found the key to a new power and a new life - not in some shadowy, uncertain tomorrow, but today. Now!