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How To Be Healthy: Rheumatic Infirmities - No Cause for Despair!

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( Published 1962 )

When the blood attains a high degree of alkalinity, the accumulation of calcium deposits in the blood-vessel walls is expedited. When this condition reaches its peak, excess calcium or lime begins to settle in the joints, producing arthritis, bursitis, and other rheumatic conditions.

Arthritis is only a new name for what used to be known as rheumatism. It can refer to many different conditions characterized by pain and swelling in the joints of the body.

Sometimes arthritis starts after a heavy cold, tonsillitis, or a gall bladder infection; in many cases, it follows an accidental injury, such as a fracture. Bursitis, gout, muscular rheumatism, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis are all manifestations of basically the same disease. Further, osteoarthritis is about twenty times more rampant than the rheumatoid type, which is a wasting disease affecting younger people. The cause is not entirely known. These are ordinarily considered conditions about which little or nothing can be done, and are frequently ailments of long standing.

Although arthritis seems to be largely a disease of elderly people, it is not uncommon for it to afflict persons under forty-five, and even teenage children. One report states that about fifty thousand children in the United States have rheumatoid arthritis. Another recent report from the National Center for Health Statistics declares that over one third of adult Americans suffer to some degree from this disease in one or another of its various manifestations.

It has been noticed in medical circles that arthritics have a proneness to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). The tremendous increase in arthritic cases in the United States may therefore be partly attributable to the excessive use of refined sugar.

While little is really known about arthritis, it appears that this illness is especially connected with a deficiency of vitamin C. It seems that an insufficiency of this vitamin favors the development of arthritis. If you want to get substantial amounts of vitamin C, eat cabbage, potatoes, red and green peppers, sprouts, tomatoes, and other green vegetables; rose-hip products should also be used. By all means, use optimum quantities of vitamin C daily.

Persons with rheumatic diseases are generally regarded as being calcium-deficient, despite the fact that they are inclined to store up excess calcium. Calcium is one of the best natural pain relievers, so this mineral should not be neglected. Yogurt is a good source. Others are bone meal, blackstrap molasses, and kelp.

Another very valuable addition to the diet of the arthritic is sunflower seeds. In addition to supplying the B vitamins, they are reported to be effective in lessening pain.

In a round of tests on one hundred arthritics, vitamin E therapy was followed by improvement in their symptoms. Cherries in sizable amounts in the diet have helped some people-and many have had good results on the simple rule of no sugar.

Many people, especially beekeepers, claim that honey prevents and often cures arthritic and rheumatic ailments. Dr. Melvin Page, D.D.S., author of Degeneration-Regeneration, advised his arthritic patients to cut out refined white sugar substances and to take "one tablespoon of molasses or pure honey following each meal. After following the diet for a short time, the patients experienced blessed relief from painful symptoms; most important, their calcium-phosphorus balance was normalized."

Essential in the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other rheumatic conditions is a high-protein diet, because effective nutrition is a must in dealing with any disease. Amino acids are required to build and repair the cells and tissues of the body, particularly around the joints. This means that fresh meat (nothing canned, dried, pickled, or spiced), should predominate in the diet, for the reason that fresh meat is the very best source of these acids. So increase your consumption of meat. As we have noted previously, eggs and fish are also excellent protein foods, and they also supply minerals that are very necessary to combat rheumatic conditions.

Meat (which should not be too well done, so that you will obtain the highest nutritional value) or fish, a freshly baked or boiled potato (unsalted), and a green or yellow vegetable if desired make up a protein dinner of great worth.

If you have arthritis, however, keep citrus fruits and juices out of your diet, as they contain excessive amounts of alkaline minerals, which are apt to produce pain in the joints, aggravating your condition. Likewise, eliminate

bread and other white flour products. It has been medically recorded that there is a higher incidence of rheumatoid arthritis among people who use wheat foods, which contain gluten, a constituent of wheat flour. Many persons are unable to metabolize gluten, and this leads to chronic inflammation in the intestines, which, it is believed, gradually extends to the joints and lays the foundation for rheumatoid arthritis.

While recovery from chronic arthritis is not usually one of continual forward progress, a fatalistic attitude would be 'unreasonable. Sometimes a person's body needs to be entirely rebuilt; other cases can be successfully treated by reviving normal circulation around the affected parts. Bear in mind that the faculties of the body are always striving to support and preserve life.

To summarize, then: certain foods are specifically recommended for those suffering from any type of rheumatic condition. The high-protein dietary that follows will maintain the blood sugar at the proper level, which is basic to good health.


Four-ounce glass of vegetable juice Eggs with bacon, ham, or other meat Coffee or tea (without sugar or cream), if desired*


Meat, fish, eggs, or cheese

Lettuce and tomato or a tossed salad Vegetables

Coffee or tea (without sugar or cream), if desired*

* Fruit juices (except citrus fruit juices) may be substituted for coffee or tea at meals, if you wish.


Soup (not thickened with flour), if desired

Generous portion of meat, fish, or poultry Vegetables

Coffee or tea (without sugar or cream), if desired *


Fruit, gelatin, or junket


Fruit juices (except citrus fruit juices), cottage cheese, nuts, seeds, or yogurt are permissible for snacks and before bedtime


Bread, cake, and other wheat products, candy, soft drinks, ice cream, macaroni, spaghetti, pastries, pies, puddings, and refined white sugar

Add the following nutrients to your diet, and you will be bound to get a favorable response:


Minerals are essential for the relief of rheumatic conditions. A tablespoonful of apple cider vinegar combined with a tablespoonful of honey in a glass of water twice a day will supply minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. When this remedy is taken, any excess calcium in the joints enters into solution with the blood.


It is a high-quality source of calcium and phosphorus, as well as all the trace minerals.


One of the best sources of protein, including the amino acids (necessary in the treatment of arthritis), and minerals, it can be added to other foods to boost their protein content.

* Fruit juices (except citrus fruit juices) may be substituted for coffee or tea at meals, if you wish.


Sea kelp contains a naturally balanced combination of sixty minerals, twelve vitamins, and twenty-one amino acids.


One of the most perfect foods known, they are reported to diminish the pain of arthritis.


This vitamin is extremely valuable for the health of all the body organs and particularly as a deterrent of infections.


Vitamin C is absolutely necessary for the durability of blood-vessel walls and is required to bind the cells in the tissues together. It is effective in treating arthritis.


This vitamin is part of the vitamin C complex. Be sure to use a vitamin C product that includes the bioflavonoids.