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Glass (I) - Encylopedia Of Antiques

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INSUFFLATED: A term used to indicate early glass hitherto known as "contact three-section blown mold." The molds used in making this glass were always full-sized. The patterns are usually distinctive of this type of glass, and the mold marks are, as a rule, visible upon its surface. It was also more iridescent than other American glass, owing to its being thinner and to the method of manipulation. See GLASS, Blown and GLASS, Molded.

IRISH GLASS: Glass-works flourished at Belfast, Cork, Dublin and Waterford, in Ireland, during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Irish glass is very tough; it sings with a clear note when struck; it is interesting and, in most cases, beautiful, although Waterford glass appears to have the preference of the collectors. But it is probable that the workmen traveled from one place to another, using the same materials for the metal, the same patterns for the objects made and the same designs for decoration. Great quantities of Irish glass were exported to this country until the glass industry in Ireland came to an end, largely through the effects of English competi tion. See CORK GLASS, DUBLIN GLASS, WATERFORD (Ireland) GLASS.