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Gemini - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Gemini and Ideals

The ability to direct our own thoughts properly is the key to success at winning the game of life. The best possible method of Self-development depends upon having an ideal and adhering to it. This may sound easy, but for the restless Gemini, it is not. Gemini's thought is inclined to flit here and there. However, if these versatile people will resolutely keep their ideal before them, it will tend to grow in their lives, taking on more color and form. In this way, it becomes a guiding star channeled to the "port of success." The attainment is threefold-physical, mental, and spiritual. The term physical refers both to the body and to our sources of supply. It is unwise to broadcast to our associates our ambitions for self-improvement, but it is our privilege and delight to see these thoughts and deeds speak for themselves.

A Gemini person who desires to triumph in this area of Ideals, will find he has a key in his hand which opens many other doors. Thus, we increase in power through our ideals until we attain an entirely new level of living. In other words, we plant our feet upon "higher ground" to see our view of life enlarge accordingly. We determine to let the ideal rule our very existences and keep our secrets in our hearts. Even our closest friends and relatives, although not intending to influence us, often prevent or inhibit our progress through counteracting suggestions. We should never allow destructive attitudes or words regarding our abilities hinder us on the way. We are never too old, never too sick, never too poor to grasp the ideal of our own perfection and project it. In fact, adverse external conditions should not, and do not, affect the ideal, inasmuch as this exists on an entirely different plane, free from lower limitations.

Let Geminis then determine to formulate a picture of perfect health and happiness and encourage them to express it in themselves. To accomplish this, is to open the door to completion of the tenth labor of Hercules, which is the subject of the next chapter.