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Gemini - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Gemini: [Self-Knowledge]  [Finances]  [Human Relationships]  [The Home]  [Love]  [Health]  [Marriage]  [Self-Renewal]  [Ideals]  [Success]  [Friendship]  [Goals] 

Gemini and Self-Renewal

One of Geminis' great assets is mental agility. These people reach decisions quickly. However, due to the inherent diversity within the sign, they also change their minds before reaching completions. They should always be conscious of their need for change. If an interesting concept comes to a Gemini as to how he can change himself to increase his success, then let him rearrange his mental "house" and firmly decide upon his course of action. A Gemini should not permit others to assume leadership in directing his life, but rather make up his own mind, and establish his own goals as to desired accomplishments.

Geminis recognize better than anyone their varied talents. They should decide what they want and fit themselves to receive it. If health poses a problem, we now know that proper diet and mental hygiene can completely remake a person. The constructive thought method must be followed in every instance. The restless Gemini temperament needs to adopt an attitude of peaceful expectancy. The reading of good literature brings about this peace of mind. Upon this mental attitude much depends, and from its foundation, our re-structured selves can be erected. This new life includes health, happiness, and supply.

Geminis learn to turn their varied gifts to financial profit more readily than many other astrological types, for they are exceptionally quick in sensing opportunities and never lack confidence. This initiative is good when directed in a positive way. We free ourselves from all thoughts of restriction and inhibitions, starting with a clean, white slate upon which to write the things we desire. In the chapter on "Ideals" we shall learn how it is that Nature gives us the desires of our hearts when we obey her laws. It is not mysterious, but based on a simple, natural principle.