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Gemini - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Gemini and the Problems of Service

Third-sign people are identified by their agile body motions, a quick step, gesticulations and restlessness. Their hands and arms are well-formed, slender and graceful. They display a nervous, rather than a phlegmatic, temperament, and are subject to nervous ailments unless they try hard to control these tendencies. Geminis need plenty of relaxation and rest. They must avoid hyper-tension in order to maintain good health. As these people do not usually overeat, they are not subject to obesity with its attendant ills.

Study or reading has a restful, relaxing effect upon Geminis and is definitely helpful to them. The study of psychology is of immense help to persons of this restless sun-sign. But Geminis find that, through self-control and adequate rest, they can maintain a high standard of health. Good health is one of life's great prizes, for upon good physical condition, so much of happiness depends. We can serve best when we are well and strong, having abundant energy to do our part.

If Geminis catch the full significance of the need for perseverance; if they develop determination, strength, and faith; they can readily turn the trick of success. By remembering always to abide by the major trends indicated by their sun sign and ruling planet Mercury, and by cultivating regularity in habits pertaining to the development of their chosen lines of work, they get results unbelievably quickly. We seldom realize how quickly we can achieve success if we have the right goals and use the right methods in attaining them. Almost overnight, our efforts bear fruit. Thoughts of poverty and illness are then laid aside, and the "success attitude" is resolutely maintained.

Geminis should know the lines of work most natural to them and in which they excel. Let each make his own selection and adhere to this choice or choices once determined.