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Gemini - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Gemini and the Problems of Love and Happiness

It is rare to find an unhappy Gemini, for the natural sparkle of this zodiacal sign gladdens his surroundings. As in a rippling stream of water, there should always be a song in a Gemini's heart. Seeing the funny side of situations encourages others to enjoy life with them. Air-sign people are often complete in themselves, independent of the association of friends. Gemini is versatile and intellectual; seldom overemotional. They are as magnets attracting others to them. People feel happier with those who are always looking on the bright side of life; they warm to friendliness and are drawn to those who radiate this quality.

Happiness is like sunshine that beams steadily and strongly. We may not always find ourselves in its rays, however, for we can unconsciously remove ourselves from this light by our attitudes toward life and toward other people. If we can keep out selfish motives, and learn to consider the welfare of others, we are on the road to removing all obstacles from the path of happiness, so that our sun may shine uninterruptedly upon us. We cannot expect everybody in the world to like us, inasmuch as variations in sun signs will cause differences in temperament. The great need is to learn to be ourselves, knowing that the true self is that higher individual within us, the ideal which we feel in our loftiest moments and which we long to achieve.

Gemini's happiness may be lurking "just around the corner," but he may be totally unaware of its presence until, suddenly, one fine day, someone or something comes into his life, an event occurs that brings him into the full glare of the noonday sun of happiness. If he knows this joy already, he wants to make it permanent. If, however, he is abiding in the shadow of loneliness, it is his privilege to find out why, and to remove the obstacle that is blocking the light's rays.