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Gemini - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Gemini and the Home

Geminis definitely contribute to the happiness of the home environment. Light-heartedness raises the tone of home-life, making it attractive as it should be. Geminis have brilliance and wit. They add zest and enthusiasm to any gathering. They are interested in all that is being done around them. Mercurial individuals possess a literary bent and are readers, particularly of lighter material, such as novels, magazines, and newspapers. They are never ones to permit themselves to be behind the times in any respect. Other people come to depend upon these wide-awake people to stimulate interest in the home and miss them terribly when they are absent. There is always some new tale on a Gemini's tongue, or a funny story to break the monotony of mundane affairs.

Geminis find their ability to center themselves permanently in a home environment working for their benefit. However, it is the inclination of Mercurial persons to indulge their restlessness and to roam. When they learn to base their varied activities in the home, they are on the road to success, as far as this phase is concerned. These types are individualistic. They cannot conform to the ordinary, colorless standards and still be appreciated. Geminis may have varied interests in life which their families cannot share; yet, if they base their home life upon the enjoyment of the individuals therein, and accept their differences as secondary considerations, they can be greatly liked, regardless of individual interests.

Geminis must learn to express themselves in ways congenial to their sun sign and their ruling planet, always remembering that the likes and dislikes of others are important, too. This attitude brings successful, constructive living to the home.