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Gemini - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Gemini and Human Relationships

Geminis are classed as extroverts-that is, their interests are centered in the world of affairs, and in objective attitudes. Geminis are not people who overlook the fact that other persons have needs and rights, but are keenly observant of the requirements of those with whom life brings them into contact. This means that Geminis are valuable companions. If they respond fully to their wide-awake sun sign, they are aware of the hopes and difficulties of their associates. This renders them capable of making valuable contributions to society. They see their work in life and prepare themselves to do it. This cooperative spirit is essential to all who face problems of personal relationships-which is to say, everybody. Other people must be taken into account at every turning of the road. Tolerance of the views of others must be cultivated; and ability to work with them is the important thing.

Gemini types are versatile. They play many roles. They are adaptable and adjustable to circumstances. If a Gemini finds that he does not fit well into a certain situation-if he finds, for instance, that his close relatives are disagreeing with his views and actions-then he should try to discover what is wrong. Third-sign people are by nature talkative and often too vivacious. If such behavior is irritating to their close relatives or friends, they can modify themselves while in the presence of these others, at least, and find other mercurial avenues for self-expression. The Geminis are so constituted that they find ample entertaining activity. To understand the needs and likes of our associates, and to cooperate with them; to help them over their inhibitions and to work with them; ensures completion of the third labor of Hercules. Getting along with others can be extremely difficult, after all. We often find it very hard to agree with other people in our own environment, even with those who are close to us. Yet, if the individual is smart enough-as Geminis surely are-he develops attitudes which not only make others like him, but, in turn, makes him learn to love them.