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Gemini - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Gemini and Finances

Persons who are unusually gifted, who possess a variety of talents, have difficulty in selecting the gifts most usable in earning a livelihood. Geminis are certain to possess many outstanding abilities and usually need more than one outlet for expression. Above all things, Geminis require variety. They need it in their vocation, their friendships, and their pleasures. Because of their restlessness and changeability of temperament, they have been accused of being "rolling stones which gather no moss." Actually, however, these people make our successful business types. A person who is interested in many phases of life, who is joyful and friendly, will be sought and needed for both social and business activities.

These persons are gifted along lines ruled by the planet Mercury, including technical study on any subject which requires unusual mental ability and dexterity. Geminis are ambidextrous, if any of the signs can be classed as such. It is no wonder that we find them apt in the use of those indispensable body members-our hands.

The matter of finances should present no serious problem to a Gemini person who sets a goal for himself and hews to it long enough to realize it. Be warned that people who are forever seeking greener pastures do actually become "rolling stones." The remedy is to establish a goal as early in life as possible. Geminis can do this for their minds develop rapidly, giving us our precocious children, our youthful geniuses. They are capable of profiting from a fine education, and should be given specialized training. If this is not possible, Geminis should train themselves in accordance with the specifications laid down for them by their ruler Mercury. Among the many activities named already we can add secretarial training as appropriate and leading to advancement, especially for Geminis who have a gifted mind and hand. Many avenues disclose themselves, but they are always essentially mercurial in quality, identified through that sign and planet. Good luck to the Gemini who sights his objective and follows it through to final consummation.