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Gemini - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Gemini Achieves the Goal

The true goal of any life is to make ourselves reflect outwardly all that we feel ourselves to be. Very often we are far greater than we had suspected until we see our natural gifts cultivated to the full. Many of us go right through life without ever discovering all the possibilities of our natures. Geminis do not want this to happen to them. And, if we know their sign, they are definitely unlikely to permit their good points to remain unknown and unused. Nature has given them abundant self-confidence, observable even when they are children. The quick Gemini mind is analytical, accurate in judgment, inventive, and inspirational.

Earth-sign people find they require a great deal of time for the perfecting of their natural gifts, whereas the airy Geminis find the problem of self-improvement easily solved, and the attainment of their goals readily achieved, inasmuch as they are so quick to sense direction. However, if they, allow their changeable natures to swerve them from their chosen paths, they never arrive at their destinations. Geminis can either come quickly or not at all; it's up to them. To know what one wants and to stick to it until all obstacles are surmounted; to greatly desire self-realization rather than to waste time in fruitless worldly pleasures; to have confidence in one's ability, knowing that Nature has not neglected a single individual but has given everyone something very worthwhile to perform in life; to determine upon a course of activity and not allow the characteristic weaknesses of the sun sign to prevent attainment; to be willing to consider the needs of others while on the road to this self-development; and to have determination to carry through to the end-all these make possible the performance of the last and greatest of the labors of Hercules.

Many people become lost in this labor and give up trying. No Gemini individual, who has faith in himself and the laws of the universe, should fall by the wayside, however, for his rewards present themselves to him as he progresses in the joy of accomplishment and victory over himself.