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Gemini - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Gemini and Friendship

No one can hope to be completely happy in life without satisfactory human relationships. We want to feel that we belong to society and that we have a place of our own therein. We like to feel that we are indispensable members of friendly groups which need us as tremendously as we need them. All of this spells happiness to Gemini. Although third-sign persons are congenial with people born in their own airy signs, and also with the fiery types, when they advance in selfknowledge and in understanding, they learn to know life and to begin to enjoy and appreciate so many, many people. It is difficult to give all of them the consideration they would like.

Geminis understand human failings. We are all, by nature, somewhat indifferent, lazy, and selfish. These tendencies must be overcome. With knowledge Geminis are capable of helping people out of their troubles; of starting others on their ways to success as well as helping themselves, personally. Just begin to help people and watch them beat a path to your door! Geminis do not need to be told how to win friends, for this is an astrological sign of friendship. However, it may be good policy to remind them that, as they form these relationships, it is possible to sow a constructive, helpful "seed" which will later be harvested by someone else.

Geminis show people how to be strong, how to resist the negative suggestions that come to us from others. They take the older person in hand and show him that he, too, can be productive-and perhaps a great deal more so than many younger persons. After all, it is the older person that gives us much of our best creative work. Geminis who aid persons to get the right perspective on themselves and who, through their quick mentality and ready wit, are continually scattering constructive "word seeds," have definitely completed the eleventh labor of Hercules. This is a most productive thing to do, for these thoughts, deeds, and words are grains of pure gold. They have a mysterious way of turning themselves into fulfilled hopes and wishes, and these bring great joy to Geminis who so delight in solving the problem of true friendship.