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Gemini - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Gemini and Success

As we expand our consciousness, so do we grow. Gemini persons should find it easy to effect this transformation by understanding the laws of mind as explained in the eighth and ninth labors of Hercules. As they change themselves gradually, so do others' opinions of them change also. The world gives recognition to those who are worthy, and delights in acclaiming its own. The Gemini individual who permits his ideal to live in his soul finds that he "arrives" on more than one track, providing him with many outlets for self-expression and service. If he becomes less self-centered and directs his energy along lines beneficial to others, then his increased mental efficiency and common sense enable him to serve those who fall under his influence.

Gemini people have the art of simple exposition. They know how to use words, and have a fine ability to speak and write. Their knowledge reaches to the ends of the earth just as did that of Ralph Waldo Emerson, an outstanding example of the Gemini mind. These types grow like trees whose tiny, slender forms are started straight on their way to maturity. They need the necessary minerals and foods. They must be watered by rain and "exercised" by Nature's winds. Sooner or later they will bear delicious fruit. Just so, the Gemini individual who is given good early training, who acquires self-knowledge, and applies it through life, is on the road to this success. The fruits are happiness, recognition, and, in turn, greater service.

Any person who attains eminence is the object of criticism by the less fortunate. Geminis should learn to protect themselves against negative suggestions whether from others or from themselves. These types may be easily swayed because of their airy and versatile quality, yet they are capable of developing the indomitable will which shall hold their "good" once attained. Thus, Geminis are in line for fame when they practice the few principles that spell success.