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Gemini - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Gemini and Self-Knowledge

The third sign, ruled by Mercury, presents us with as cheerful a zodiacal type as exists among the twelve. Gemini persons are always admired and liked, for they are quick, witty, and interesting. The third sign gives the world its fascinating and entertaining people whose sparkling personalities draw universal recognition. This is especially true if the Gemini person lives up to the highest qualities of his sun sign, developing the gifts which Nature has so generously given him.

We think of the sign as related astrologically to the hands and arms of the human body; by the work of their hands we may recognize them. Note the way Geminis gesticulate when talking. Note also that they express themselves through writing, drawing, or instrumental music. These are people gifted in the art of entertaining, for Mercury bestows talent in oratory and acting. It is no wonder, then, that we often find the Gemini person spot-lighted as a professional entertainer. He is selected to meet the public when it is necessary to draft a "good mixer."

Inasmuch as this sign is associated, in a traditional and pictorial way, with the twin stars of Castor and Pollux we describe these persons as two-fold, believing them to be very complicated types. They are often divided by conflicting desires within their own being. It is then difficult for Gemini people "to come together" in their own mind or to reach conclusive decisions in life. They will sway from one side of a question to the other, meanwhile losing valuable time. Geminis need focus; need to arrive at a complete understanding of their conflicting qualities, and to exercise a restraining and directing "hand" upon themselves. Comprehension of these opposing forces in their own beings is the first step toward self-mastery. The keyword for Gemini is self-knowledge. Once this is acquired, the magic wand of Mercury prepares them to meet any Herculean labor.