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Furniture (Q) - Encylopedia Of Antiques

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QUARREL: The square or diamond-shaped pane of a door. It also denotes the traceries of the 18th-century bookcases and cabinets; square-headed tools and weapons; and lozenge-shaped tiles.

QUATREFOIL: Conventional adaptation of the fourleaved clover.

QUEEN ANNE PERIOD (1702-1714): Queen Anne furniture has certain clearly defined characteristics of form, that enable one to distinguish it at once from antecedent types. A truly English style was established in this period. The cyma curve is characteristic on all queen Anne furniture. Shell carving was the most popular ornament. The chairs are graceful and comfortable, with cabriole legs and solid-splat back. The tables are of a drop-leaf type usually, with a swinging leg. Stretchers are no longer seen on chairs, tables and other furniture. The bedsteads had tall, slender, round, square or octagonal posts that supported a high tester. The scroll top is to be found on secretaries and cupboards, and it was essentially the age of graceful tallboys with their broken pediment. Kettle-front chests of drawers were occasionally seen and drawer fronts were finished with a quarter round lap which concealed the space between drawer and frame. The claw-and-ball foot came into use during this period. Walnut was the wood chiefly used, both solid and in veneering, although oak was still used to some extent. The importation of lacquered furniture from the East during the last half of the 17th century resulted in efforts by English craftsmen to imitate it and many pieces of this period are decorated in that manner. Needlework in wool was extensively used for upholstery purposes, also damask, brocades and velvets.

QUILTING FRAMES: Long pieces of wood held together at the corners with wooden pegs, used in lining and padding patchwork and quilted quilts.