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Serving Food Attractively: Beverages

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BERRIES: Blueberries, blackberries, loganberries, raspberries, strawberries, or thimbleberries. Serve whole berries singly or in small groups on top of whipped cream or on scoops of ice cream floating in beverage. Place whole berries on lemon or lime slices floating in fruit beverages.

BANANAS: Slice bananas and dip in fruit juice. Place overlapping slices on top of a thick banana float in stem glasses or tall glasses. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with a few grains of nutmeg.

CANDIES: Sprinkle tiny decorative candies over whipped cream or on surface of light-colored beverage just before serving.

CHERRIES: Use green or red candied cherries. Place a half cherry or a whole cherry with or without stem on top of whipped cream or ice cream ball, or float on orange or other fruit slice on top of beverage.

Cut fresh or candied cherry in petal shapes and arrange in shape of flower on top of whipped cream, ice cream, or fruit slices.

Maraschino cherries may be used in the same way as above. They may also be cut into strips or dots and geometric patterns to be used as borders, or placed in the center or on the sides of floating ice cream or whipped cream.

Hang a small cluster of Bing cherries on rim of glass, or float on fruit slices.

Place a cluster of fresh cherries with leaves at the base of a glass on a serving plate.

CHOCOLATE: Pour melted chocolate over whipped cream or ice-cream balls floating in beverage. This garnish is particularly effective on coffee or chocolate drinks. Sprinkle chocolate shot over whipped cream.

An attractive way to garnish a banana cream shake or other white frothy beverage is to pour 1 tablespoon chocolate sirup down into the beverage at a point about a fourth inch from the edge of the glass; repeat on opposite side of the glass. Stir just enough to give marbled effect.

COCONUT: Sprinkle short or long shreds of white coconut on tinted whipped cream or directly on surface of beverage.

Scatter short or long shreds of tinted coconut on white whipped cream. Coconut may be purchased colored or it may be tinted at home.

CREAM: Pour thin cream over dark frothy beverages.

Use whipped cream as a garnish and top with:

1. Cherries 2. Coconut, white or tinted 3. Colored candies 4. Chocolate shot or syrup, or melted chocolate which will harden in any shape formed S. Banana slices 6. Spice (nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, or other flavor desired); use spice sparingly 7, Tangerine sections

Whipping cream may be tinted with pure fruit or vegetable coloring. Dissolve coloring in cream before beating. Force whipped cream through decorating tube to form flowers or other designs.

CURRANTS: Select bright red clusters of fresh currants with leaves. Wash, dry, and arrange on rim of glass containing beverage, or place at base of glass on serving plate.

Place currants on frothy beverages either singly or in groups to form border or other design.

GINGER: Mince preserved ginger; scatter directly over beverage or over whipped cream on top of beverage.

GRAPES: Place bunches of assorted grapes with their leaves on top of an ice block in punch bowl. Hollow the top of the ice block slightly to hold grapes in place.

Arrange tiny clusters of seedless grapes on rim of glass with natural grape leaves or mint leaves.

ICE CREAM: Homemade ice cream may be tinted any desired shade by adding pure fruit or vegetable coloring to the liquid cream before freezing. Since ice cream will freeze to a lighter shade, tint cream a shade darker than needed. Freeze ice cream to a mushy consistency. Pour into various shaped molds which have been lined with waxed paper, and freeze. Remove from molds and paint each according to object it represents with a paintbrush reserved for fruit dye.

Cut tinted ice cream in cubes; scatter over whipped cream on beverage.

ICE CUBES: Use part of the liquid needed for the beverage; freeze slowly. Suitable liquids are:

Cider, Coffee, brew Ginger ale or other carbonated beverage Lemonade or orangeade Water. Use plain or tint any color desired, but remember that delicate tints are most attractive. The water may be flavored to harmonize with the color as, for example, oil of peppermint to flavor green-tinted water.

A garnish may be frozen into or onto ice cubes. Cubes should be frozen slowly to prevent expansion and cloudiness. For best results follow these few simple directions: Fill ice cube tray about one third full with water or other liquid. Freeze partially; add the garnish; freeze again. This will hold the garnish in place. Add liquid until tray is three fourths full, then finish freezing. Suitable fruits or leaves are as follows:

Berries, Candied fruit, Cherries-Bing, maraschino, mint, Grapes, Lemon slice, quartered Lime slice, quartered Mint leaves Orange slice, quartered Pineapple cubes Strawberry-whole or sliced Watercress.

To freeze leaves on the surface of cube, place leaves on the ice cubes and cover with enough water to form a thin coat of ice when frozen. Return to freezing compartment until ready to use.

JELLY: Place a small cube of jelly on top of whipped cream or in center of frothy jelly punch.

LEMONS: Float a slice of lemon on top of beverage. For variation, stud the slice with whole cloves; sprinkle with chopped preserved ginger or fruit peel; or float a fresh blossom on the lemon slice.

Cut lemon rind in the shape of stars and float on beverage.

Flute the rind of a whole lemon; slice. Make a cut through rind and pulp to the center of each slice. Place over rim of tall glass either alone or with a sprig of mint.

Place a half or whole cherry on top of a slice of lemon. Cherry may also be cut to resemble a flower.

Insert a colored toothpick through a whole strawberry, a lemon or an orange slice, and another whole strawberry. Place over rim of glass.

LIMES: Use the same as lemon.

MACAROON CRUMBS: Sprinkle over whipped cream or ice cream floating in beverage.

MARSHMALLOWS: Float a white or a tinted marshmallow in a glass of punch.

Place a marshmallow in each cup and pour hot chocolate or cocoa over it to fill cup. Marshmallow will float on top.

MINT: Float a sprig of mint together with a cherry in a beverage. Arrange sprigs of mint on edge of glass.

Fasten leaves in an orange or lemon slice and float in beverage.

NUTS: Sprinkle chopped nut meats over whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream floating in a glass of Orange Frost or other cooling drink.

ORANGES: Orange sections may be arranged with nasturtium leaves and placed at base of stem glassware; orange slice may also be placed on the rim of the beverage glass together with a sprig of mint.

SPICES: Sprinkle cinnamon, mace, nutmeg, or other favorite spice over eggnog.

STRAWBERRIES: Float a whole strawberry with hull and stem on lemon or orange slice in a glass of strawberry punch.

Crush berries: sweeten to taste; pour over whipped cream floating on refreshing drink.

STRAWS: Serve colored straws or cellophane sippers with cold beverage to add color and a note of interest.

SUGAR: Purchase colored or decorated cubes of sugar. Serve with hot or iced tea or any other beverage to which additional sugar may be added.

Orange cubes of sugar may be made by rubbing an ordinary lump of sugar over an unpeeled, slightly scraped orange and sprinkling with grated orange rind.