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Serving Food Attractively: Wonderful Tastie Appetizers II

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Place a fresh blossom at base of stemware containing appetizer. (Or use a cluster of small blossoms.) Arrange suitable leaves with the flowers.

Float a fresh flower on a slice of lemon or lime. Pull the stem of the flower far enough through a hole in center of the slice to stabilize flower. Float in fruit cocktail or punch bowl.

Arrange tiny corsages of flowers on appetizer tray.


Grill tiny whole frankfurters. Serve on toothpicks.

Slice hot frankfurters. Insert in tiny muffins and serve immediately.

Heat tiny frankfurters in barbecued sauce, and serve in small patty shells or timbale cases.

FRUIT, Berries:

Blackberries, blueberries, loganberries, raspberries, thimbleberries, strawberries. Scatter berries (one or more varieties) over ice or sherbet made of the same fruit.

Place a cluster of berries on the edge of a glass or on the serving plate at the base of glass stemware. Arrange a few of the natural leaves with the tiny cluster of fruit. Be sure to wash and drain berries and leaves well before using.

Use whole strawberries, with or without hulls and stems, and serve plain or dipped in powdered sugar.

Arrange sectioned or sliced strawberries artistically on top of fruit cocktails.

Grapefruit: Arrange grapefruit sections in petal fashion on lettuce and place maraschino cherry or stuffed prune in center of each flower formed. Use as a border on a large appetizer tray.

Grapes: Separate a bunch of Concord or other grapes into small clusters. Wash grapes, drain well, and balance a cluster on the rim of each glass of fruit cocktail. Have part of the cluster fall inside the glass, the other part (usually the larger section) fall outside the glass. Use either tiny grape leaves or a sprig of mint with the grapes. Grape clusters may also be placed on a serving plate at the base of glass stemware.

Frosted Grapes: Separate a large bunch of grapes into smaller clusters. Dip clusters into an egg white that has been beaten until frothy. Shake off surplus egg white and dip grapes into powdered sugar. The egg white will absorb the coat of sugar. Dip the clusters into the powdered sugar until grapes are pure white and completely covered. Dry on wire rack. Place frosted grapes at base of stemware which contains fruit cocktail. Intermingle each cluster with small grape leaves if in season, or use any suitable leaf for foliage. For variation place frosted grape clusters at the rim of the cocktail glass so that one or two grapes hang over the side of the glass.

Lemons: Place a small slice of lemon or lime on the rim of a glass. For variation, remove pulp from half a slice, curl, then fasten on rim of glass.

Oranges: Use same as lemon or lime slice or cut in geometric shapes. Candied orange peel may be cut into many shapes.

Pineapple: Roll outer edge of canned pineapple wedge in chopped mint leaves and fasten to rim of glass containing orange, lemon, or lime sherbet. For variation place 3 of these wedges on top of sherbet so that the points of the wedges meet.

Plums: Cut a prune plum into sections. Arrange petal fashion on round foundation of fruit bread. Or place plum petals on top of fruit cocktail.

Use sections of plum as a border, scallop fashion, on suitable foundation.

Prunes: Stuff a cooked prune with cheese, nut meats, orange section, marshmallow, or any other suitable filling. Serve on toothpick or on tiny leaf of lettuce.


Place a scoop of apricot, black raspberry, mint, orange, or tinted green-gage plum ice on top of melon balls or fresh or canned fruit. Add ginger ale just before serving. A sprig of mint may be placed near the rim of glass.


Cream 4 tablespoons butter; gradually add an equal amount of tomato paste or hard-cooked egg yolks which have been rubbed through a sieve. Season with tomato sauce, onion juice, a little prepared mustard, salt, and pepper. Force through a pastry tube to form designs and borders on canapés.


Cut preserved ginger into strips and arrange in designs on a nut-bread foundation covered with a cheese spread.

Chop preserved ginger. Place a cardboard stencil over a foundation covered with a tasty spread. Fill outline with the chopped ginger. Remove cardboard.


Drop bits of jelly or marmalade in center of canapé.


Cut peel of kumquats into four petals, being careful not to cut through the inner skin. Free the peel from pulp without breaking or tearing either one. Soak in ice water. Petals will curl back in shape of flower. Place on bed of greens on appetizer tray.


Cook liver balls and roll in chopped chipped beef or chopped parsley. Serve on toothpicks or in tiny patty shells or timbale cases.


Place well-seasoned lobster meat in cucumber boat or in lemon basket. To make a cucumber boat, cut a thin slice from long side of a small cucumber. Remove pulp from the larger section of the cucumber; shape carved out portion to resemble boat.

Cut hard-cooked eggs in half lengthwise and remove yolk. Fill cavities of eggs with chopped lobster meat which has been mixed with mayonnaise or tartar sauce. Place on a nest of shredded lettuce or on sauteed oval-shaped slice of bread. Pipe colored butter over egg to suit color scheme. Place a sprig of watercress at base of egg.


Pipe pure mayonnaise (that is stiff enough to hold its shape) on canapés or salad appetizers.

Tint mayonnaise any color needed for color theme. Force through pastry tube to form rosettes, leaves, or other designs.

Use butter or a hydrogenated shortening in making salad dressing. Follow recipe for making mayonnaise but substitute butter or hydrogenated shortening in place of oil. The butter or shortening must be liquid when added. The mayonnaise will become firm upon standing. Cut in balls, cubes, fingers, stars, or any other fancy shapes. This dressing may be tinted by adding fruit or vegetable coloring while the fat is still liquid.


Peel a honeydew melon and cut in half. Remove the seeds and membrane. Cut a slice of melon about one inch thick for a melon ring and flute the outer edge. Place in center of appetizer tray. With a French ball cutter cut balls from watermelon, muskmelon, and honeydew melon. Fill the center of the melon ring with the balls and decorate with sprigs of mint. Grapes may be used together with melon rings to form an attractive garnish. Use any variety in season. Cut grapes in half and place on the honeydew ring to form a border of tiny grape clusters. As a variation, arrange frosted grapes at intervals on the melon rings.


Arrange separate leaves or sprigs of mint on canapés or other appetizers.

Sprinkle chopped mint leaves over canapés or use to form border or other design. The edges of appetizers may also be dipped into the chopped mint.

Line glasses with sprigs or leaves of mint. Add melon balls which have been tinted or left in their natural color. Pour wine-flavored fruit juice over balls. Add a dash of cinnamon or mace.


Spread two large pecan or walnut halves with cream-cheese relish and press them together.

Roll cheese balls in chopped pistachio nut meats. Sprinkle chopped nut meats over foundation which has been covered with a tasty spread.

Shave Brazil nut meats into lengthwise slices. Place petal fashion on foundation and place a cherry in the center.


Roll a ripe, green, or stuffed olive in strip of bacon and broil until bacon is crisp. Serve on toothpicks.

Remove pimento from a stuffed olive; refill cavity with anchovy paste, chopped nut meats, or whole blanched and toasted almonds.

Stuff large olives with a sharp cheese, wrap on bacon strip, and broil until bacon is crisp. Serve hot on toothpicks.


Slice a sweet onion, separate the rings, and use plain or tinted. To tint, allow rings to stand in water or pickle solution which has been colored with pure fruit or vegetable dye.

Parboil onions and scoop out center to form onion cups. Refill with a colorful relish or tiny hot meat balls.

Pickle small onions or onion rings by marinating them in a sweet-sour pickle solution.

Arrange pearl onions as a border around canapés or form other designs or dividing lines.


Sprinkle paprika over entire surface of canapé or over a cardboard stencil, or dip edges in paprika which has been sprinkled on a plate.


Arrange sprigs of parsley where an accent of green is needed.

Sprinkle chopped parsley over an appetizer or roll balls or other molds in it. To mince parsley quickly, hold the bunch of parsley over a glass and cut with scissors.


Tiny red or green peppers may be stuffed with cream cheese, chilled, and then cut in slices or sections.

Fill small pepper cups with any piquant dressing and arrange on appetizer tray. Slice peppers. Remove seeds. Overlap rings or use sections of rings to form geometric designs.

Chop peppers, and use as border or center design.


Slice sweet-sour pickles, then cut slices in wedges and arrange in star shape on top of cheese spread wafers.

Cut sweet-sour pickles in strips, place on octagon-shaped foundation with each pickle strip radiating from center of bread to each point in the octagon.

Make a pickle fan by slashing lengthwise slices in a small pickle. Be sure not to cut through the stem end of the pickle, as this forms the base. Press base with thumb and forefinger and slices of pickle will spread fan-shaped. Cut a slit in the top of a radish large enough to hold the pickle fan and insert the pickle.

Minced Pickles: Place cardboard stencil over suitable foundation which has been covered with savory butter or shrimp paste. Cover stencil design with the minced pickles. Lift the cardboard carefully.

Roll a dry sweet-sour pickle in cream cheese then in a layer of smoked salmon. Fasten with a toothpick. Serve whole or cut in crosswise sections.

Cut a slice from one end of a medium-sized dill pickle; remove center with an apple corer. Drain and fill with cheese relish spread. Chill, then cut crosswise slices.

Pickle Boats: Use small sweet pickles. Gut a slice from the bottom of each pickle to steady the boats. Cut a wedge out of the upper or top part of the pickle boat and fill it with cream cheese relish. To make a sail, cut a pie-shaped wedge of salami. Insert the rounded part of the wedge into cream cheese so that the point will stand upright. The pickle boat may also be filled with pearl onions.

Cut a slice from one end of a dill pickle. Remove center with an apple corer. Drain out as much liquid as possible. Fill center with tinted cream cheese or cheese-relish spread. Chill for an hour, then cut crosswise into V2 -inch slices. May be decorated with caviar.

Select large dill pickles; cut each pickle into thin crosswise slices. Cut three fourths through the diameter of each slice. Cross the ends over to form a miniature cornucopia and fasten with half a toothpick. Fill with a cheese spread which has been softened at room temperature and forced through a pastry tube.


Cut pimento into strips, stars, or other designs. Place on canapés.

Chop pimento and arrange in design on bread foundation covered with a tasty spread. Use cardboard stencil.


Score a red radish, cut in slices, insert in small cucumber gashed at intervals.

Radish roses, tulips, and fans Use small red radishes. Cut off the tip of the root and all but a small piece of the stem. With a thin sharp knife score the radish and cut as illustrated. Radishes will stay crisp and petals or fan will open if they are kept in ice water until ready to serve.


Use for color contrast or for accent. Use singly or in groups on canapés or hors d'oeuvres.


Spread a foundation with cranberry and orange relish, top with a slice of stuffed olive, and surround with pearl onions. A white star cut from hard-cooked egg white may be placed in center of canapé.

Use a crescent-shaped bread foundation. Place green relish on one half of the foundation and red relish on the other half. Other color combinations may be used, such as green and white, and red and white. Alternate spreads of spiced apricot and prune pulp. Spread black and red caviar alternately around edge of crescent which has been spread with tasty relish. Any number of color and flavor combinations may be used to suit the occasion.

Spread thin slices of cold chipped beef, ham, or tongue with a tart relish. Roll and fasten with a toothpick.

Stuff celery with a cheese relish or with a mixture made by combining peanut butter, chopped cooked ham, and pearl onions. Cut stuffed celery, place on toothpicks or on bits of lettuce or crackers.


Tiny cornucopias are made from small cervelat or salami. Cut thin slices. Slash to center of each slice with scissors. Roll into cone shape and fasten with toothpick. Soften cream cheese by combining with melted butter and season with horse-radish mustard. Fill the salami cones with the cream cheese spread, using the tip of a knife or pastry tube.


Cut small tomatoes into 1/4-inch slices. Serve raw or broiled.

Top tomato slice with truffles or mushroom caps.

Arrange a green pepper circle on top of a slice of tomato. Place a stuffed olive in the center of pepper ring and surround the olive with pearl onions. Serve on crackers of same size or on bread foundation.

Tomato Cheese Rose Use a firm tomato about the size of a walnut. Wash and dry. Soften cream cheese and tint a delicate yellow or pink. Fill the pointed half of a teaspoon with cream cheese and level with a knife or spatula. To form the petals, hold the teaspoon against the side of the tomato; press the cheese onto the tomato with a downward stroke of the spoon. Place sieved egg yolk in the center of the flower. Chill in refrigerator before serving. Arrange on a tray of appetizers.