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Serving Food Attractively: Wonderful Tastie Appetizers

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Place blanched toasted almonds in petal arrangements on buttered rounds of white, Boston brown, or fruit breads.

Tint cream cheese a delicate pink with vegetable or fruit coloring. Add chopped pimento, then mold in the shape of almonds about 1/4 inch thick. Press a blanched toasted almond on each side of the cheese molds.

Insert a blanched toasted almond on long edge in spread on a cracker or toast strip.


Fasten a rolled anchovy fillet on top of a one inch square of cheese with a pretzel stick just before serving. (Stick will soften if allowed to stand too long.)

With pastry tube pipe anchovy paste on rye krisp crisscross fashion and around the edge. To make anchovy paste, cream 2 tablespoons butter and add 1/2 teaspoon paste as purchased; or rub yolks of 2 hard-cooked eggs to a smooth paste. Combine 2 boned and mashed anchovies and 1/a cup butter. Mix with egg yolks and add few grains of paprika.

Spread finger strips of white or whole-wheat bread with anchovy paste. Form border with caviar or arrange caviar in parallel lines across bread strip.

With pastry tube press a rosette of anchovy paste on top of a scored cucumber slice. Top with a tiny piece of truffle, parsley, or watercress. Cut toasted bread into 1 1/2 squares and spread with snappy cheese. Top with slice of hard-cooked egg and a rolled anchovy. Or place rolled anchovy directly on top of cheese spread and place chopped egg yolk border around anchovy.


Combine 1 cup of ground dried apricots (or 1/2 cup apricots and 1/2 cup pitted prunes), 1h cup

of coconut (long shreds, white or tinted), 1/2 cup chopped nut meats, 1/2 tablespoon grated orange rind, and enough orange juice to hold ingredients together. Form into balls or other shapes; roll in powdered sugar. These balls should not be much larger than marbles.


Use your favorite aspic recipe. When the gelatin is dissolved, add vegetable or fruit coloring-red, orange, yellow, or green. Pour into a large flat pan. (The gelatin should be about 1 inch deep.) When firm, cut in cubes. Place assorted colored cubes in tiny timbale cases. Shred congealed aspic, combining different colors. Place in tiny patty shells or on potato chips. Coating With a teaspoon pour colored aspic in a thin coating over completed canapés. This will give a shiny effect and preserve the canapés. Be sure the aspic is just beginning to congeal when it is poured over appetizer.

Cut aspic jelly in fancy shapes. Place anchovy or sardine on top of jelly. Jellied aspic may be placed on lettuce, cracker, or bread foundation.


Cut slices of bacon in half, spread with cheese relish and chopped pickle. Roll up securely, fasten with toothpick, and broil slowly. Drain and serve hot. Grill thin slices of bacon. Place tiny bacon curls on top of cheese-covered muffin slice or other foundation. Surround with tiny pearl onions. Spread oblong pieces of bread with processed cheese; arrange two small slices of bacon on top in form of letter X; grill, remove from broiler, and place two stuffed olives, one on each side of center of bacon cross.

Wrap small slices of bacon around olives and fasten with toothpicks; grill slowly; serve hot. Tiny bits of grilled bacon make attractive and tasty borders on canapés.


Chop dried beef very fine. Mold cream cheese into balls, then roll each ball in chopped dried beef, coating completely. Insert a toothpick in each cream-cheese ball and stick into a grapefruit, orange, or Edam cheese ball in center of appetizer tray.

Spread strips of dried beef or other cuts of cold, well seasoned meat with cheese. Roll tightly, chill, slice crosswise, and serve on toothpicks. When using larger slices of meat, spread a second slice with cheese and roll around the first one. Chill and slice.


Hollow out very small cooked beets about the size of walnuts. Fill with horse-radish.

Hold a small cooked beet on a toothpick. Form rose petals around beet by forcing cream cheese which has been tinted a delicate yellow through pastry tube. Start at the top of the beet and work around to base, being sure to overlap each petal. Fasten roses to grapefruit, orange, or apple, whatever is used in center of appetizer tray, by inserting toothpick into centerpiece.

Top a slice of pickled beet with a small green pepper ring which has been stuffed with pimento cheese.

Fill small hollowed-out pickled beets with any highly seasoned cheese, fish, or meat mixture. Top with a tiny sprig of parsley.


Spread 3 slices of fine bologna with horse-radish mustard and stack alternately with 2 slices of aged cheese cut 1/8 inch thick. Use a 3-inch round cutter to trim to shape. Remnants may be used in sandwich spreads, vegetable salads, or macaroni dishes. Stick 10 toothpicks equidistant through the bologna stack to hold it together. Cut into pie shaped wedges with one pick per wedge.


Assorted appetizers on toothpicks such as pickled onions, stuffed olives, a square of grilled cervelat, Braunschweiger balls, and cornucopias. Cheese frills and other appetizers served on toothpicks may also be included. The toothpicks are held together and pushed through the center of a small paper doily. The doily is then gathered around the appetizers and fastened to the toothpicks with gummed tape.


Mash Braunschweiger (smoked) liver sausage. Place a pat of liver sausage in the palm of your hand. Add a small pimento olive and wrap and roll to cover. Roll in minced parsley for color and flavor and to prevent sausage from drying. To mince parsley quickly, hold over a glass and cut with scissors.


Soften sweet or salted butter and tint any shade desired. Using pastry tube, pipe around or on top of any selected foundation, or form flowers or other objects on canapés.


Cut pickled capers in slices or pieces and arrange in design on crackers which have been spread with sardine paste.


Use rounds of bread about 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inches in diameter for a foundation. Dip in beaten egg and milk, as for French toast, and sauté. Spread with red and black caviar in an arrangement of alternating circles from outer edge to center. Cover with aspic. When set, decorate with savory butter forced through a pastry tube.

Cut stuffed eggs in half lengthwise. Arrange a bit of red caviar at one end and black caviar at the other end of egg on cut surface.

Spread muffin slices with seasoned caviar and top with a cucumber slice marinated in a sweet-sour pickle solution. Cut a small piece of beet in desired shape (such as star, diamond, et cetera) and place on top of cucumber. Arrange capers around the beet. Top with a pearl onion.

Place 1/2 teaspoon of black caviar in center of cheese-covered crackers and around edge to form border.


Cut tops from a bunch of celery; separate, then wash and dry the stalks. Stuff the stalks with pimento-cream cheese spread. Press the next larger stalk onto the smallest. Continue with all the cheese-filled stalks, pressing onto the last until all the pieces from one stalk have been used. Tie with string; chill, then slice.


Interesting centerpieces that may be used for a large tray of appetizers: Completely surround a grapefruit, an orange, or a mold of Edam cheese with cream-cheese balls which have been rolled in chopped dried beef and held in place with toothpicks. Arrange rows of appetizers served on toothpicks alternately over base or form a design with different types of appetizers.

A porcupine centerpiece may be made in the following manner. Using a grapefruit as a base and toothpicks as quills, force each toothpick through the appetizer far enough to hold it firmly in the grapefruit. The opposite ends will stick out like porcupine quills. Insert a row of stuffed olives across the top and down the sides of the grapefruit. Along the top and parallel with the olives put 7 or 8 anchovies. Finish these rows with cubes of American and Swiss cheese of approximately the same size as the anchovies. Continue with rows of cheese to cover the entire grapefruit. Finish the porcupine by using 2 anchovies for the eyes.

Doll Centerpiece

Use a lady china figurine for the base. This can usually be purchased in the five-and-ten. Separate the leaves from a head of lettuce; arrange around the figurine in the form of a skirt and fasten together with toothpicks. Cut flowers out of thin slices of bread, turnips, rutabagas, or carrots, using a scalloped cutter. Place pieces of truffle or carrot circles in the center of white flowers and truffle or turnips for the center of yellow flowers. Attach with toothpicks to the lettuce skirt. Fasten sprigs of parsley or watercress at the waist and an inch or two down one side.


Have cervelat cut paper thin. Lay on broiler rack, and broil quickly. Turn, and lightly brown other side. Crispy, zippy, and delicious.


Cut cheese in 3/4-inch cubes. Cut a stuffed olive in half lengthwise and fasten to cheese cube with a toothpick or pretzel stick.

Place a 1/4-inch cube of cheese between the 2 halves of a stuffed olive which has been cut crosswise. Fasten with toothpicks.

Mix Roquefort cheese with enough cream to give it the consistency of cream cheese. Serve on toast or cracker foundation; top with tiny pearl onions or chopped sweet-sour pickles arranged in a design.

Combine cream cheese, chopped dates or raisins and nut meats. Add a drop of lemon juice. Spread on wafers and top with a flower made with sections of dates and an orange-rind center. Mix cream cheese, chopped nuts, minced sweet-sour pickles, and preserved watermelon rind. If desired, use grated onion or other spicy relish to suit taste. Spread paste on finger strips of Boston brown bread. Pipe with white or tinted cheese to carry out seasonal color scheme. To tint cheese, add pure fruit or vegetable coloring.

Add a little horse-radish to cream cheese and moisten with prepared mustard or chili sauce. Fill potato chips or the holes of small pretzels with this mixture. Top with bits of red radish or make tiny rosettes by forcing the cheese spread through a tube.

Blend any of the popular cheese relishes with mayonnaise or Thousand Island dressing. Serve on split halves of tiny baking-powder biscuits. Sprinkle shaved Brazil nuts over the top. Crown with a delicate pink rose which is made with a decorating tube. Use tinted cream cheese for both the rose and its leaves. Tiny mint leaves may be used in place of the cheese tinted green.

Tint softened cream cheese with pure fruit or vegetable coloring. Pipe around edges of canapés, or form flowers, leaves, or other designs with the various tubes in a decorating set. A marbled effect can be obtained by placing two colors of cheese next to each other in the decorating tube.


Form balls from grated American cheese or processed cheese. Serve plain on toothpicks or roll in chopped parsley, chopped or ground nut meats, caviar, chipped beef, or paprika. Cream cheese may be used in a similar way.

Other cheese molds;

Mold grated American cheese or processed cheese in shape of pumpkins, apples, strawberries, carrots, or other fruits and vegetables. Tint surface of molded objects with fruit or vegetable coloring applied with a pastry brush. To make a cheese apple, sprinkle paprika on one side of cheese mold, insert whole clove at blossom end, and a crabapple stem at the other end. To make a cheese carrot, mold and fasten a sprig of parsley at large end of cheese carrot. Tint cream cheese green, combine with chopped pistachio nuts, spread on very thin slices of bread, roll like jelly roll, and slice just before serving. Place a tiny rosette of cream cheese in the center. Make the rosette by forcing cheese through a pastry tube; garnish with mint leaves.


Bing cherries, candied cherries, or maraschino cherries may be used whole, halved, or cut in sections, and arranged on appetizer or canapé to form flowers or geometric designs. Both candied and maraschino cherries may be obtained in red or green colors.

Place whole cherry in tiny timbale case.

Pit cherries. Beginning from open end cut petals down to but not through the center at the other end. Spread out on canapé. Use strips of citron for stem and leaves. Cut the upper half of a green maraschino cherry into eighths by cutting halfway down through the cherry so that the lower half remains intact. Do the same with a red maraschino cherry. Place the red cherry within the green one and use this way as a garnish, or place a tiny piece of candied orange peel in the center of the flower that is formed.


Cut an outline design in a piece of cardboard which is about the size of the canapés to be used. Place this cardboard stencil over a canapé which has been covered with a tasty spread. Fill the outline design with chowchow, then gently lift the cardboard and you will have a perfect picture.


Make small onion cups by hollowing out centers of parboiled onions, then fill with chutney. Cover thin slices of cooked ham with chopped chutney, roll, and fasten with toothpicks.


Cut squares of bread 2" X 1 1/4". Scoop out enough of the center of the foundation to hold 2 tiny clams. Place clams, which have first been marinated in tart tomato sauce, in the basket thus formed. Pipe around edge with savory butter and place a sprig of watercress at one end.

Hollow out tiny cooked beets to form cups and fill with chopped cooked clams.

Serve deviled clams on clam shell.


Deep-fat fry crab meat, flake, and mix with mushroom sauce. Serve in tiny cream-puff shells.


Score cucumber, slice, and marinate in French dressing. Make slits about 1/s to 1/z inch apart in red radish of average size. Drain cucumber slices shortly before using and insert in cuts in radishes.


Scatter dried currants over canapé. Form a border around half an egg which has been stuffed with the deviled yolk.


Chop dates and scatter over surface of appetizer.

Cut dates in sections, arrange petal fashion on canapé.

Stuff dates, then slice. Overlap slices on nut or fruit-bread foundation which has been covered with a savory spread.

Cut foundation in octagon shape, and cover with a suitable spread. Place date strips on foundation so that each strip radiates out from the center to each point on the octagon.


Sieve the yolk and the white of hard-cooked eggs separately or together. Sprinkle over surface of appetizer.

Mash the yolk of a hard-cooked egg, mix with mayonnaise, and use as a spread or piping material.

Cut hard-cooked eggs in half, remove yolks and put them through a sieve. To each dozen eggs add 2 tablespoons cream or mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon vinegar, 1 1/2 teaspoons mustard, 1 1/2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and /1/4 teaspoon pepper. Other seasonings, such as onion juice, caviar, anchovies, ham, sardine, or cheese may be added as desired. Fill egg-white halves with deviled mixture.

Fill centers of hard-cooked egg whites with red cabbage coleslaw which has been cut fine and well seasoned.

Spread thin slices of dried beef with seasoned egg-yolk mixture. Roll into a thin roll, chill, and slice before serving.

Form tiny balls from mashed egg yolk or whole egg mixed with mayonnaise. Roll in finely minced parsley, chives, caviar, or paprika. Serve on wafers or toothpicks.

Cut hard-cooked eggs in sections, sprinkle with salt; top with alternate strips of pimento and green pepper, or cut designs out of pimento and green pepper and arrange artistically on the egg sections.

Cut hard-cooked egg whites into stars, crescents, clubs, or other shapes; place on foundation which has been spread with dark savory topping.

Egg Boats:

Use rectangular-shaped foundation and hard-cooked eggs cut lengthwise and prepared as stuffed eggs. Place half an egg on each foundation which has been covered with Roquefort-cheese spread. Cut a sprig of parsley to represent a sail and stand upright in each "boat." Sail may also be made from flaked white meat of tuna fish. Form a yacht with two or three sails of different heights.

Slice a hard-cooked egg. Top with stars or other objects cut out of pimento. Place on small round of brown bread 1/4 thick. Use bits of pimento to form border around egg slice on bread foundation. Use marinated truffle or mushroom caps around egg slice instead of pimento, if desired.

Place a slice of tinted pickled egg on small rounds of toast or other foundation which has been covered with a tasty spread.

Cover a shaped foundation with egg-salad spread. Form border of chopped parsley and place a piece of truffle in the center. Truffle may be cut to resemble some specific object.


Mix crab meat with lemon juice and spread on crackers. Top with a slice of cucumber; pipe with tinted mayonnaise.

Combine salmon, chopped pimento, chopped stuffed olives, and enough mayonnaise to moisten. Serve on potato chips or on small baking-powder biscuits. Top with bits of truffle. Serve grilled sardines on finger-strip pieces of toast.

Shred fish flesh which has been freed from bones. Add enough mayonnaise to hold fish together, form into balls, roll in chopped parsley, chopped olives, paprika, or sieved egg yolk.

Remove black vein from the back of boiled shelled shrimp. Pipe tinted cheese in cavity made by removing vein. Arrange the shrimp in rosette formation or hang over edge of vegetable cup which is made from turnip, carrot, onion, or other suitable vegetable. Serve shrimp sauce in the vegetable cup.

Wrap a whole oyster in a strip of bacon. Grill. Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve on toothpick.

Serve fried oysters on top of tiny baking-powder biscuits.