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Serving Food Attractively: Restricted Diets

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There are many ways in which a busy mother, wife, or nurse can add color to a tray when the food itself is restricted. Following are some suggestions.

NAME CARDS: Use old greeting cards to make stand-up pictures. Cut out the upper half of the picture, leaving the lower half intact. To form an easel, fold back the upper part of the card that has been cut away. Stand on tray.Stick gummed labels on name cards, preferably in one corner of the card. Write name in free space.

NAPKINS: Use decorative paper napkins-a different one for each meal: assorted solid colors, fancy borders, or designs to suit special occasions.

Fold napkins in different ways to add a note of interest, such as squares, rectangles, or triangles. To stand the triangular folded napkin, tuck one end of the base of the triangle into the folds of the other. Or fold the napkin to resemble an extended fan. First fold the napkin into a square, then tuck under each corner separately so that each fan-shaped fold lies higher than the preceding one. For variety, place a little flower near the edge of one fold.

DISHES: Dishes of different colors and patterns may be combined with pleasing effects, if they are matched in texture: semi-porcelain with semi-porcelain, plastic with plastic, china with china, and glass with glass.

TRAY MATS: Cloth mats with matching napkins lend dignity to any tray but may present a laundering problem. Paper, paper lace, plastic, or oilcloth mats can be purchased in various designs and colors.

FLOWERS: Any flower, even colorful wild flowers, will enliven an otherwise dull, drab tray. Just a single blossom from the garden or from a potted plant can be placed on the napkin or in a tiny bud vase.

FAVORS: Inexpensive favors for various occasions, such as flags for the Fourth of July, shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day, and valentines for St. Valentine's Day, can be purchased in novelty and department stores.