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Serving Food Attractively: Soups

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BACON: Sprinkle tiny bacon curls, bits or shreds, over cream soup.

CHEESE: Scatter grated Swiss or Parmesan cheese over soup. Use cheese sticks, balls, rolls, or rings as soup accompaniments. Roll either yeast or quick-bread dough in grated cheese after shaping and before baking.

CHEESE PASTRIES: Cut cheese pastry in shape of flowers, animals, or other objects. Bake and place on cream soups.

CHEESE POPCORN: Serve with soup as an accompaniment.

CHICKEN LIVER BALLS: Prepare forcemeat, using cooked chicken liver. Dip in slightly beaten egg, roll in cracker crumbs, and cook in chicken soup about 10 or 15 minutes. Place one on top of a sprig of parsley in each soup cup.

CREAM: Whip cream, and add a few grains of salt. Top soup with a spoonful of whipped cream just before serving. The whipped cream may be used plain, tinted to harmonize with soup, decorated with chopped parsley, chopped pimiento, sliced olive, or sprinkled with paprika, mace, or nutmeg. For variation, minced chives or truffles may be scattered over whipped cream.

CROUTONS: Cut day-old bread in shape of diamonds, tiny baskets (without handles), hearts, spades, or other shapes. Toast and serve on soup. Grated cheese may be sprinkled over croutons before toasting.

CUSTARD ROYALE: Bake custard about 1/2 inch thick in flat pan. Cut in fancy shapes and serve on cream soup.

EGGS: Sieve or finely chop hard-cooked egg white and yolk separately or together. Sprinkle over cream of tomato, pea, or other cream soup.

Slice hard-cooked egg and place on top of cream of asparagus or other colored soup. Prepare egg balls and cook in soup, or deep-fat fry and add to soup just before serving. Egg balls may be made as follows: Force 2 hard-cooked egg yolks through a sieve, add 1/4 teaspoon salt and a few grains of pepper. Add enough liquid egg white (about one egg white) to moisten. Shape in small balls about 3/4 inch in diameter, roll in flour, and fry in deep fat or sauté in a small amount of fat until lightly browned. The uncooked balls may be dropped in the soup and cooked about 10 minutes before serving.

ENGLISH MUFFINS: Prepare as croutons in the form of tiny molds or cutouts. Toast and serve on soup. Large pieces of whole muffins may be used as accompaniments.

HERBS: Chop chives, parsley, chervil, basil, watercress, or rosemary. Sprinkle on soup.

ITALIAN PASTE: Italian paste may be purchased cut in fancy shapes, such as seeds, stars, alphabet, musical notes, animals, crowns, shells, and flowers. Cook and serve in clear soups. LEMONS Place a slice of lemon on the rim of a bowl of fish soup.

MEAT: Place a few shreds of turkey, chicken, ham, or smoked meat in center of cream soup.

NUT MEATS: Scatter chopped almonds, peanuts, or pistachios on cream soups.

OKRA: Cook thin slices of okra in vegetable soup. Serve with slice of okra on surface.

OLIVES: Place whole ripe olive in center of light-colored puree.

Chop ripe, green, or stuffed olives and place in ring formation on cream soups.

Slice stuffed olives and overlap three slices in a circle in center of cream soup.

ONIONS: Overlap two or three rings of parboiled onion on purees.

PASTRY STRIPS: Cut pastry in tiny strips. Serve plain or sprinkled with cheese or paprika.

PIMIENTO: Chop pimiento, or cut in fancy shapes, and place on soup with or without bits of truffle.

SAUSAGES: Use varieties of sausages or frankfurters. Cut sausage into fancy shapes; slice frankfurters. Heat and serve as garnish on soup.

SPICES: Sprinkle mace or paprika over soup.

TRUFFLES: Cut in design or scatter bits of truffle over soup.

VEGETABLES: Cut vegetables, such as carrots, turnips, or rutabagas in the shape of animals or other objects. Cook and serve on vegetable soup.