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Serving Food Attractively: Other Salad Garnishes

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ANCHOVIES: Arrange anchovy fillets in design on fish salad.

ANGELICA: Cut in shape of leaves or tiny dots. Use to accent light decoration, such as whipped-cream mayonnaise.

ASPIC: Color well-seasoned aspic with vegetable coloring. Chill until firm and cut into cubes or fancy shapes. Place in center of salad or arrange on greens as border.

CAPERS: Use sparingly, either whole or chopped.

CHEESE, Special Molds: Use softened processed cheese or grated American cheese to form any of the following:

Christmas: Make tiny cribs, animals, Santas, trees, stockings, or toys. Paint with vegetable coloring. Place objects on top or side of molded salad.

Easter: Form eggs, baby chicks, rabbits, lambs, or lilies. Paint with vegetable coloring and use same as above.

Thanksgiving: Make turkeys, pumpkins, or various fruits and vegetables. Paint with vegetable coloring. A variety of fruits and vegetables may be arranged as a border on salad tray.

St. Patrick's Day: Form shamrocks and pipes. Paint shamrocks with vegetable coloring.

George Washington's Birthday: Mold cherries, logs, or hatchets. Arrange in units on salad tray.

Any or all of these motifs may also be cut from slices of American cheese and painted to resemble the various objects.

Bonbons: Mold processed cheese into balls, then press blanched almonds, pecan or walnut halves, or pistachio nut meats into top of cheese balls.

Strawberries: Form cheese into the shape of strawberries, dust with paprika, and place tiny mint or other suitable leaf at stem end for hull.

EGGS: See directions for eggs in appetizer, fish, and meat sections.

Hard-cooked eggs may be sliced, quartered, or stuffed and sprinkled with paprika or minced parsley, chives, or olives. They also may be riced, using white and yolk separately or combined, or the egg whites may be cut in julienne strips.

Sieve egg yolk on beet slices, or top egg-white slices with sieved egg yolk.

Prepare deviled eggs; cut in sections, slices, or halves, or fit halves together. Place pimiento and green-pepper strips alternately over deviled eggs.

Cut egg white into petals to form daisy or other flower design. Use sieved yolk for center of flowers.

Egg Cups: Cut hard-cooked eggs in half crosswise or lengthwise with a thin, sharp knife. The edges may be scalloped by cutting the egg in half with a fluting knife. Start at one point, cut up to the center, turn the egg, and cut again. Make each cut to the center but not through it, and repeat until the egg separates into two equal parts. If colored cups are desired, paint each one in the same or contrasting colors with pure fruit coloring.

FLOWERS: Arrange a spray of bright-colored flowers in a bed of greens next to a somewhat colorless salad. Fragrant fresh flowers or candied flowers may be used.

GELATIN: Pour gelatin into a flat pan to a depth of 1/a to V2 inch. Allow to congeal, then cut in any shape desired, such as cubes, animals, stars, hearts, shamrocks, hatchets, or any other design that will carry out a seasonal idea.

Combine two or more colors of shirred gelatin and place on top of combination fruit salads or on top of whipped-cream mayonnaise.

HORSE-RADISH: Fill small colorful cooked vegetable cups with ground, well-seasoned horse-radish.

LOBSTER: Garnish lobster salad with lobster claws, feelers, or corals. Use on large salad trays.

NUT MEATS: Form design with whole or half nut meats. Combine nut meats with fruits, and arrange in design on salad.

PAPRIKA: Use sparingly; sprinkle over salads.

PICKLES: See directions for pickles in appetizer section. Top salads with cucumber pickles, either whole, halves, quarters, or slices. Arrange in design Cut sweet-sour pickle slices in fancy shapes. Cut cucumber pickles diagonally with fluting knife, arrange the slices in upright position, petal fashion, on top of salad.

PRESERVED GINGER: Chop, cut into strips or rounds, and arrange in design on salad.

SALAD DRESSING: Tint your favorite mayonnaise or whipped-cream dressing and pipe on salads. Make a salad dressing with melted vegetable shortening instead of oil, add desired coloring, then continue as for mayonnaise. Chill; cut in various shapes, such as cubes, balls, chickens, or whatever is suitable for the occasion.

Place a mint leaf or sprig on top of Russian or rather thick French dressing.

Arrange sections of a cherry in a flower design on top of mayonnaise or thick salad dressing.

SARDINES: Decorate fish salads with whole sardines topped with pimiento strips.

SHRIMP: Remove black vein from shrimp. Pipe colored cream cheese in space left after removal of vein. Arrange on oak-leaf lettuce or on fish salad in definite design.

WHIPPED CREAM: Force white or tinted whipped cream through pastry tube to form rosettes or other designs on salads.

Combine whipped cream with mayonnaise or cooked salad dressing made with fruit juice. Chill the dressing before combining with whipped cream.

Scatter bits of candied fruit on whipped-cream-mayonnaise dressing.