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Antique Collectors' Dictionary (Y)

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Yao (Chinese): Ware-e.g. Chien-yao=Chien ware (q.v.)

Yang-ts'ai (Chinese =`foreign colours'): The Chinese term for famille rose enamel decoration.

Yew: Very hard wood, reddish-brown, used for veneers in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and in country furniture from the sixteenth century.

Ying Ch'ing ware: Porcelain of the Sung (and perhaps the T'ang) dynasty comprising a white or yellowish body and pale blue or greenish transparent glaze. Ying ch'ing means `shadowy blue'.

Yorkshire Chair (also Derbyshire Chair): A type of chair associated with these counties, dating from about 1650-75, the back often filled in with two shaped transverse bars.

Yu (Chinese): Ancient bronze wine vessel, cylindrical in shape, with a convex cover and looped handle.

Yuan or Mongol Dynasty (A.D. 1279-1368): See Chinese.

Yueh ware: Stoneware of the northern celadon type made during the T'ang and Sung dynasties, originally at Yiieh-chou (hence the name) and later at other districts in Chekiang Province. The hard grey body covered by a greyish-green or putty-coloured glaze. Decoration is carved.