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Antique Collectors' Dictionary (Q)

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Quaich (Scottish): A shallow, circular drinking vessel, like a deep saucer, with two (occasionally three) lugs or flat handles.

Quare, Daniel (?1651-1724): Notable London clock-maker who made every kind of clock and whose workmanship ranged from the superb to the ordinary; invented the repeating watch; also made many barometers. A man of great versatility and industry, Quare is esteemed for the quality of his best clocks and for his Quaker integrity.

Quarrel or Quarry: Pane of glass as used for glazing lattice windows.

Quartetto Tables: See Nest of Tables.

Quatrefoil: Decorative motif formed of four leaves set at right angles to one another within a circle.

Queen's Ware: The name Wedgwood (q.v.) gave to his creamware (q.v.).