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Other Apertitif And Dessert Wines - California Wines

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Grouped together here are the least known California wines of both kinds, some of which are recent innovations and others are obsolete.

California Aperitif Wines Various herb-flavored wines have been marketed of the Dubonnet, Byrrh, St. Raphael, and similar French aperitif types. They include both red and white wines, none of which, so far, has proved very successful. Other producers have tried to approximate the Campari type of Italian aperitivo with equal lack of success.

It is not improbable that eventually California will produce original aperitif wines of quality, based on special and new formulas, to fulfill the demand for good California wines of this type.

California Grenache (Dessert Wine) A fruity varietal dessert wine from the Grenache grape, produced in Fresno and possibly elsewhere. Considering the great popularity of the rose table wines, it is not surprising that Grenache dessert wines were also created. It is still too soon to judge whether they, too, will find wide and ready acceptance.

California Madeira A dessert type of restricted importance, consisting of a blend of sherries or of sherry and angelica, in an effort to approximate the character of the Madeira wines from the island of that name.

California Malaga An ill-defined type of California dessert wine of the sherry order and now obsolete. It has been supplanted, in name, by American Malaga.

California Marsala Another dessert type of minor importance, amber to brown in color, and the result of a sherry blend trying to approach the character of the Marsala wines from Sicily, so popular as aperitif and dessert wines and in cooking. An herb-flavored Marsala aperitif is also produced.

California Palomino A varietal aperitif produced from the Palomino grape of around 17 per cent alcohol, making it ineligible to be labeled as California Sherry, as the latter requires a minimum content of 19.5 by volume.

American Grape (Dessert Wine) Although most "grape wines" of the Concord type are of tablewine strength, some have also been produced of the dessert type, containing around 20 per cent alcohol by volume.