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Tokay - California Wines

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A medium-sweet dessert wine, amber pink in color and with a slight nutty flavor. It is often a blend of angelica, dry sherry to reduce the sweetness, and port to achieve the desired pink tinge. Production is relatively small and considerably less than that of any other of the better-known dessert wines.

California Tokay has nothing in common with the renowned Tokay, Tokaj, or Tokai wines of Hungary, which are naturally sweet wines of low alcoholic content, derived mainly from the Furmint grape.

Nor is the Flame Tokay necessarily used for the production of California Tokay. In Lodi, however, the center of a vast Flame Tokay cultivation, the wine is sometimes made varietally from that grape. Flame Tokay is one of California's leading table-grape varieties and has a special appeal on account of its brilliant light red color. A native of Algeria, its Arabic name is Ahmeur bou Ahmeur.

Use and Service-In the afternoon and evening with cookies, cake, or sandwiches.