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Angelica - California Wines

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The wine, said to have been named after the city of Los Angeles, is the sweetest of the California dessert wines. It is light to dark amber in color, full-bodied, smooth, and fruity with no special varietal character. It fulfills the demand for a very sweet, liqueurlike wine and often resembles California White Port, though it is usually sweeter than the latter.

Angelica has been traditionally associated with the Mission grape, from which it has been made since the early days of California wine making. Other grapes used for its production include the Grenache, Palomino, or Golden Chasselas, and Thompson Seedless. The excessive sweetness is obtained by arresting the fermentation of the wine at an early stage by the addition of brandy, so that the grapes retain the maximum of their sugar content.

Use and Service-In the afternoon or evening for those who like an extremely sweet wine.