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Magic Tricks - Card Tricks

( Article orginally published July 1927 )

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Card Tricks
17. Rising Card from Case.

By this method, the magician can make a playing card rise from the case. It can either be a joker, ace of spades, or some outstanding card, or it can be a chosen card, which the magician has learned by the method just described.

The pack is put in the case, and the case is shaken up and down, the cover being turned back. The desired card will rise.

The trick is accomplished by simply shaking the pack up and down in the case. This action will cause a card to rise. The magician should experiment and discover which card rises in the particular case he uses. It may be the bottom card, the second from the bottom, or even the top card. He places the desired card at the proper position before he puts the pack in the case.

18. Revealing the Card.

A pack of cards is shuffled, and five cards are dealt faces up on the table. A spectator is told to choose one mentally. Then the magician picks up the cards, turns his back for a moment, and studies the cards. He turns around, and states that he can reveal the chosen card. He asks the person to name it.

"Five of hearts", is the reply.

The magician instantly cuts the pack to the five of hearts.

Method: When the magician turns around, he has memorized the five cards. He puts one on top of the pack, one on the bottom, two in the center, leaving the deck slightly broken between them, and he slips the fifth card into his pocket.

He does not know the chosen card, but he tells the spectator to name it for the benefit of the other people, so that they can see the trick actually performed.

If the chooser names the card that is on top of the pack, the magician tells him to look at the top card. If he names the card on the bottom, the magician turns up the pack revealing that card. If he names one of the two cards in the middle, the magician quickly cuts the pack at the break, and shows the card above the cut or below the cut as the case may be. If he names the fifth card, the magician takes it from his pocket, and demonstrates that it is the only card he removed from the pack. In any event the discovery is effective.

19. Two Packets.

A person takes a small packet of cards, and the magician also takes a small packet.

"Count your cards", says the magician. "If your total is odd, my cards will make it even; if your total is even, mine will make it odd". The person counts his cards, and the magician adds his packet. The spectator's total is immediately changed from odd to even, or from even to odd as the magician predicted!

Simply deal yourself an odd number of cards, and the trick is sure to work. Odd plus odd will produce even; even plus odd will be odd. Thus you are sure to change his total!

20. Red and Black.

A pack of cards is shuffled by the audience. The magician takes it and deals it into two heaps. When they are turned up, the reds are in one pile, the blacks in the other!

Method: Obtain two packs of cards that have the same pattern, but one with cushion finish and the other without.

The cards will look exactly alike. Make the red cards smooth ones, and the black cards rough ones. In dealing, you can tell which is which every time you touch a card.

21. The Elusive Card.

Two packs of cards are used in this trick. We will call one the blue pack, the other the red. About a dozen cards of the blue pack are spread around the table, all mixed together, but each card being partly visible.

Each person is given a card from the red pack, and is told to see if his card is in sight among the blue cards spread on the table. One or two persons will say "No", and they are eliminated; but finally a person sees his card in view, so he is chosen for the trick.

He shows his card to other people, and they verify the fact that it is present in the blue cards mixed on the table.

The magician picks up the dozen blue cards, and riffles them. He deals them faces up. The chosen card is gone! The magician immediately produces it from his pocket!

Method: The chosen card is the six of hearts. The blue cards that are spread on the table are carefully arranged. A nine of diamonds is laid face up, and also an eight of hearts. The lower right corner of the nine overlaps the upper left corner of the eight. Thus the nine-spot in the corner and the heart in the corner of the eight make an index of the six of hearts.

Other cards are spread all around these, overlapping in such a way that the join is cleverly covered. The pretended 6 shows, also the heart and the two side hearts of the eight. Anyone will suppose that the six of hearts is on display.

The real six of hearts, however, is in the magician's pocket!

On top of the red pack, the magician places cards that are not on display among the blues, with the one exception of the six of hearts. Thus the only person who can possibly see his card on display is the person who holds the six of hearts!

He sees his card there-at least he thinks he does-but as soon as the cards are picked up the elusive six of hearts dissolves. When the cards are dealt, the eight of hearts and the nine of diamonds appear; but no six of hearts. It is in the magician's pocket and is produced from there!

22. Cards to Cigarettes.

The magician takes some cards, and deals a few of them on the table. He takes those that remain and changes them to a pack of cigarettes, from which he extracts a cigarette!

Open a paper pack of twenty cigarettes, very carefully, and bend the flaps up. Cut out part of the back of the pack, and paste two cards there, the flaps that remain of the back coming between them. The cards are pasted so that the faces are toward the back.

Press this package flap, and the result will be a flat, opened pack of cigarettes, with the face of a card on the back. From one side it will look like a card; from the other, like a pack of cigarettes.

Put a few cigarettes in the pack, and hold it so people can see the card side, but with several cards in front of it.

Toss the cards off until you come to the fake. Hold your right hand in front of it, and quickly reverse it with your left thumb. Take your hand away, and there is the pack of cigarettes, from which you can shake a few cigarettes.

Then put the package in your pocket.

23. Forcing a Card.

Here is a simple and effective method of making a person take a desired card.

The pack is given to a person and he is told to count off any number of cards one at a time. He does this and is then told to replace the cards on the pack-say twelve.

Another person is told to verify the count. He does so, and when he reaches twelve he is told to look at the card and remember it.

When the first person counted the cards, he reversed their order. So when the second person counted them, he ended on the card that was originally the top card!

So all the magician had to do was start with the desired card on the top, and he knew that that card would be the chosen one!

The magician can hold the pack to his head and name the forced card in a mysterious manner, thus concluding an effective trick. Or he can perform one of the following tricks:

24. The Card in the Watch.

The magician opens a gold watch with a double back and asks a person who has selected a card to look at the inner back. To his surprise the person sees the image of the card he chose, faintly shining on the case of the watch!

Method: Prepare a tiny card not more than an inch high, and stick it on the inside of the outer case. Force that card from an ordinary pack in the manner previously explained. Then open the outer case of the watch and hold it at an angle. The image of the chosen card will be reflected on the inner case.

With a little practice the magician can secretly introduce the tiny card into a borrowed watch, and deftly remove it with the tip of his moistened forefinger, after the trick has been concluded.

25. A Surprise.

The magician takes two cards from the pack and puts one in each trousers pocket. A spectator chooses a card. Suppose it is the nine of clubs. Without looking at the card, the magician draws the cards from his pockets. One is a nine, the other is a club.

Method: Have the pack shuffled, and run through it noting the top card. Take two cards that correspond to it, as a jack and a diamond for the jack of diamonds, or whatever the case may be.

Then force the top card by the counting method described (trick 23 of this chapter), and the trick will work itself!